Two Lessons on the Clinch (diary entry)


Tonight I trained my regular nephew and uncle team. This session comprised of one junior lesson and one senior lesson. The nephew is currently on a Muay Thai course and the uncle is a long-time client of mine, studying martial arts cross-training. The nephew did more work on the clinch. The uncle continued to explore Filipino martial arts as a form of attribute training and then we continued our focus on elbow strikes. This was also trained within the context of the clinch.

The first lesson began with revision on the basic four punch combinations. These were trained with round kicks and spear knees. Then we moved back onto the clinch, emphasising footwork and throwing the knee in after angling off. I introduced locking off to the side and then using angling off for a diagonal knee. This was broken up into three components – locking off position, angling off and the diagonal knee strike.

The second lesson began with a revision of 12 angles, followed by a double-stick drill and then transitioning through postures and footwork whilst using angles 1 and 2 on the double sticks. Just before we moved onto applying these attributes to live-work, we drilled a simple knife hubud drill. The purpose of the exercise was to bring tactile awareness, trapping, breaking grips and setting up for overhand strikes. We then moved onto 3 x 5 minute rounds:

Round 1 – Grip-Fighting and Takedown Sparring (Wrestling with an emphasis on trapping)

Round 2 – MMA Clinch (Wrestling with hand strikes, knees and kicks permitted, emphasis on trapping)

Round 3 – MMA Clinch with elbows (Same as the previous round, but now with head cages permitting and encouraging elbow strikes)

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