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Clubb Chimera Martial Arts offers bespoke self-protection and martial arts training with an emphasis on pragmatism.

We offer local private one-to-one or small group regular lessons, regular local workshops, national and international seminars and courses.

We cater to a wide range of clients. These include private individuals with no prior knowledge, experienced martial arts teachers, corporations or small businesses who wish to better train their employees for crisis situations or as part of a team-building experience, societies who would like a talk or presentation on the material, a school, college or university who would like to offer our services or a martial arts club that would like one of seminar or webinar packages, we can help. 

All training is tailored to the needs of the client and supported with virtual coaching, providing online lesson reports, solo-training programmes and various resources.



We offer several specific self-protection services. These services usually consist of soft skills (attitude, awareness, conflict management, handling fear, identification of human predators, defeating victim selection, attack behaviour and relevant legal aspects) and hard skills (low maintenance efficient and effective physical self-defence skills). Our programmes include:

  • General Self-Protection
  • Work, Age and Gender Specific Self-Protection 
  • “When Parents Aren’t Around” – Children/Teenager’s General Self-Protection, Anti-Abduction and Anti-Bullying
  • Weapon Awareness and Self- Defence – Knife/Edged Weapon and Impact Weapon Self-Protection Programmes

Martial Arts

tracey & liam ptWe specialise in martial arts cross-training and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) for sport, fitness and attribute training. Our programmes include:

  • Triple C Fitness (Chimera Combat Conditioning) – Strength and High Intensity Interval Training inspired by and for martial arts training.
  • Stand-up Striking – Thai Boxing and Kickboxing
  • Clinch – Wrestling and Stand-up Grappling
  • Ground – Submission Grappling and Ground Fighting
  • Mixed Martial Arts – Stand-up, Clinch and Ground Fighting
  • Cross-Training – Exploring a range of
    different martial arts methods
  • “Learn from the Fight” – Lessons delivered in person or online that use fighters from the past for fight analysis, history or to directly influence workouts
  • For a more Detailed Overview of Examples of Courses of Lessons please click here

Training for Teachers


CCMA has long been a much sought after resource for established and burgeoning martial arts teachers for consultancy, continued professional development, and adding to and improving their curriculums.  Now we are offering the most comprehensive, honest self-protection teaching programme for children: “Animal Instincts”. This qualification will provide training and resources for martial arts teachers to autonomously offer bolt-on courses for their clubs or as standalone courses they can offer to schools and other institutions.  


Martial Arts Club Training

CCMA Group Cover smallerCCMA offers a range of seminar and workshop services to martial arts clubs nationally and internationally. These include: 

  • Vagabond Warriors – Martial Arts Cross-Training Concepts – These will be tailored to the club’s requirements but signature training methods include ‘The Switch”, “Feedback Loop Training”, “Hierarchy of Training”, attribute training  and various layering methods. We draw from Boxing, Muay Thai/Kickboxing, Wrestling, Submission Grappling and various weapon systems as well as self-protection training methods. 
  • When Parents Aren’t Around – Children’s Self-Protection based on the book of the same name. 
  • 2:3 – 2 hours of WPAA for children and 3 hours of VW for older teenagers and adults. 
  • Foundation Self-Protection – the full 10- hour (usually 2 x 5 hour seminars) basic course. 

Corporate & Private Group Services

 Grow your business with us

  • Team-building bootcamps or training days for businesses focusing on self-protection, martial arts or combat fitness.
  • Talks and presentations to private societies on specific self-protection topics.
  • Foundation Self-Protection basic course tailored to the business. 
  • Birthday Party Workshops on self-protection, martial arts or combat fitness.

Online Training

virtual sparring OSMA zoom

CCMA can now offer the same services they offered pre-Covid pandemic lockdown, but now with the added benefit of having full courses in place to train individuals online. This is beneficial for all clients who live outside the Oxfordshire region, including international clients, teachers, clubs and associations. Regular CCMA clients include residents in Ireland, Denmark and Australia. 

Clubb Chimera Martial Arts has a long history of developing effective and efficient methods for solo training to support other forms of training. These services especially came into play during the Covid-19 pandemic where individual clients and entire martial arts schools booked our services to be taught online.  All face-to-face training will be done with relevant hygiene protocols in place. Please see our risk assessment.



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Charles vs Satterfield