Diary / Training Notes

Improving Impact & Friendly Resistance


10.10.18   Today’s first lesson was the second class of my second term at Kingham Hill School. We continued our work on the fence, did some transitioning training and restrictive training. The lesson was all about owning the straight rear hand strike.   We began with some simple escape exercises and reaction tests. The class students switched directions whilst running, covered and shadow boxed. They then ran in different directions and worked to escape one another. Then they did some […]

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Half-Guard for MMA Begins (diary entry)


half 06.10.18 This morning we reached the four hour point of my client’s second Mixed Martial Arts course. As well as a revision of all material previously covered and some extra time spent wrestling, the focus of the lesson was on the half-guard. We also had a look at the single-hook back mount. The lesson began with mirror footwork, which was built on with changing levels, prompts for slipping, rolling, ducking and sprawling. Targeting came into play before we began […]

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Body Shots Continue (diary entry)


04.10.18   Tonight was my client’s eighth lesson in Basic Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training. We continued our work on body shots and combinations.   The lesson began with mirror footwork, building on slipping, ducking and rolling. We had a brief detour into footwork, correcting certain areas and looking at the L-step and V-step. I recommended Willie Pep for a good example of using footwork effectively. We then used the jab to set up all the basic punches […]

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Boxing & MMA (diary entry)


03.10.18 Tonight I taught the fourth junior lesson in my Basic Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training course and my regular senior Mixed Martial Arts lesson. In the former we continued working on coordinating head movement, footwork and building combinations. In the latter we looked at various clinch and takedown combinations.   The boxing continued with the peek-a-boo style. We began with mirror footwork, slipping, ducking and rolling. Next we brought out the focus mitts and looked at form. We […]

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A New Training Term Begins (diary entry)

law self defence

03.10.18   Today I re-started my self-defence/Mixed Martial Arts programme at Kingham Hill School. My mandate, as usual, is to teach fundamentals of self-defence in line the CCMA approach to training and introduce the students to Mixed Martial Arts. All self-defence training I teach has to be underpinned by good personal security and soft skill information. Self-defence, as explained to those in attendance, is a legal term. Anyone who purports to teach classes under the heading “self-defence” should have a […]

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Takedown set-ups in MMA (diary entry)


29.09.18   My client reached the two and a half hour point of his scheduled second 10 hour course in Mixed Martial Arts. Today’s lesson was a complete run-through of all ranges with less time concerned with the ground. We looked at mainly punching entries – but later added on kicks and defended kicks – into takedowns.   We began with mirror foot-work. This progressed to changing levels, upper body movement (slips and rolling), range finding and cues to sprawl. […]

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Body Shot & Different Guards (diary entry)

liver punch

27.09.18   The seventh hour of my client’s basic course in Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training looked more on developing individual style, making combination work more fluid and introduced more body shots.   We began with mirror footwork, which is a useful warm-up exercise. It builds reaction timing and develops a good understanding of distancing, attack and defence. Not only did I check cornering, moving out of corners and finding angles but also adjusting levels. This latter point […]

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Old Combinations, New Combinations (diary entry)

In-fighting attack1

26.09.18   The fourth half hour junior lesson on Basic Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training introduced the hook and some live training. We warmed up with some mirror footwork, building up slipping, ducking and weaving. Jab/cross was then revised on the focus mitts, which was then incorporated with the footwork. I then introduced the hook punch. We trained the lead hook first, paying attention to body mechanics. This was then layered onto the bobbing and weaving head movement […]

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Report on the Cross Training Seminar Worcester (diary)


23.09.18   The second seminar of the day hosted by Kajuen ryu Ju Jutsu focused on martial arts cross training. There was no way I was going to get through everything and sadly we didn’t get to do as much sparring/pressure-testing coaching as I would have liked, but this was easily offset by the enthusiastic students in attendance. Once again, they were a credit to Peter Jones and also the now maturing subculture of progressive traditional martial artists that take […]

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Kajuen Ryu Hosts “When Parents Aren’t Around” Seminar (diary entry)

When Parents Aren't Around front cover

23.09.18   I was kindly invited to teach two mini-seminars for Kajuen ryu Ju Jutsu. My mandate was to teach a shortened version of my children’s self-protection programme and to teach martial arts cross-training in a short seminar to the adults. This diary entry details the former.   My shortened version of “When Parents Aren’t Around” covered the following topics:   Respect & Attitude. In essence, believing you are worth defending, respecting the material being taught and avoiding potentially violent […]

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Last Rehearsal (diary entry)

Striking from the knee pin1

22.09.18   My client kicked off his second Mixed Martial Arts course with an unusual twist, focusing on material for tomorrow’s seminar. All of this is relevant to MMA but normally comes at the end of an MMA course, as it also directly relates to self-defence techniques and cross-training.   We went through transitioning through postures and how to coach this transitioning. Incidental combinations were also covered and I layered in the cover, which is worth including in tomorrow’s adult […]

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Boxing, Clinching, Transitioning & Coaching (diary entry)


19.09.18   Tonight saw the third half hour lesson in Junior Basic Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training and my continuing series of lessons for my long-term senior student. This is a nephew/uncle arrangement that is proving to be hugely beneficial for both family members. The former gets full support, encouragement and extra training from his uncle and the latter improves his coaching/critical skills.   Boxing continued the focus on the peek-a-boo style. We worked more looking at improving […]

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Building the Combinations (diary entry)

Boxing Jab

13.09.18 Tonight my client completed the sixth hour of his course on Basic Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training. The lesson was mainly a revision of the previous material, mainly concerned with tightening up movement and transitions between punches in combination. We got straight onto the pads, spending most of the time on the jab and its associated footwork. Slipping was brought back into play, as was the duck and so was the cross. We then built up to […]

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Seminar Rehearsal

Jamie Clubb coaches two seminar students in a pre-emptive strike drill

12.09.18 Tonight might be more considered to be something of a rehearsal than a training session. Nevertheless, everyone got a workout! Quite simply I got together two of my regular clients to rehearse as my assistants for the upcoming seminar with Peter Jones’s Kajuen Ryu Aiki-Ju Jutsu club in Worcester on 23rd September (please contact Peter via his website  for details on booking your place). The first half of the seminar is concerned with training children’s self-protection, a shortened version […]

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Peek-a-Boo & Muay Thai (diary entry)


10.09.18   Tonight’s family lesson consisted of half an hour peek-a-boo inspired Western Boxing for the junior client and advanced Muay Thai combinations for the senior client. Uncle and nephew did their own warm-up based on the fact that the uncle has been a client of mine since early 2014. This is a great way to keep the interest going outside of training time and in the family. I later had a report from the junior client’s mother that her […]

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Punching, Submissions & Sweeps (diary entry)

6 Defence from guard to standing6 (small)

08.09.18 This morning my client reached his final lesson of a 10 hour course on MMA ground-fighting. He made the decision to continue his training next time with a course on comprehensive MMA. We focused on the oma plata to complete our basic series on submissions from the guard, but the main area of training was blending punching with all guard positions and submissions. We warmed up using the progressive fighting system. This is where light sparring starts from cold. […]

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