Diary / Training Notes

12 Rounds MMA Pad-Work (diary entry)

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03.08.2022   Tonight my client repeated the 12 round format we used last week, but this time we mixed in more Mixed Martial Arts based work and centred certain rounds on specific techniques. The lesson was begun with a warm-up of dynamic stretching and muscle activation exercises. Round 1 – Setting up the cross and straight right. We used double-jabs, feints and shoulder rolls to provide opportunities to throw this power punch. Only straight punches were permitted in addition to […]

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Adding the Low Kicks (diary entry)

low kick jamie

01.08.2022 The second hour of my client’s 10 hour course on fundamental Muay Thai introduced the round kick and, more specifically, the low round kick. We began the lesson with the usual dynamic warm-up and specific exercises. I layered in shin-checks, spear-knee strikes and teeps as part of the dynamic stretching. Knees and shin-checks are new to this client. They were trained in application and later put onto the focus mitts and used against round kicks respectively. I then went […]

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Butterfly Guard Basics (diary entry)


01.08.2022 The first hour of my couple clients’ new course on Submission Grappling/Ground Fighting looked at the butterfly guard. We covered three sweeps, including two different types. After our normal specific warm-up and muscle activation we moved onto the fundamentals of the butterfly guard. Having covered some posture work in our warm-up, I specified the importance of a concave back so that the core was fully engaged and it was difficult for an opponent to flatten a fighter out. We […]

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12 Round Blast Out (diary entry)

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27.07.2022 My regular Wednesday night client went for 12 rounds of pad-work. A rather balmy evening made this a more challenging than normal workout but he came through well, accumulating more stand-up techniques until the final two rounds of high intensity basics. The different rounds also allowed for reverse side strategies. Round 1 – Footwork only Round 2 – Defence and footwork against boxing Round 3 – Jabs Round 4 – Jabs and rear-hand straights Round 5 – Jabs, rear-hand […]

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Classic Combinations (diary entry)


26.07.2022 A returning client decided to focus on boxing for his first course back with me. We used the scaffolding of the peek-a-boo style, developed by Cus D’Amato and made famous by Floyd Patterson and Mike Tyson. With basic footwork, the peculiar slipping and ducking of the style confirmed, I introduced three combinations that we merged: Sugar Ray Robinson’s body jab/right hook to the kidneys Sugar Ray Robinson’s double jab/left hook Jersey Joe Walcott’s shovel hook/overhand right The first two […]

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Gentlemen & Gangsters (diary entry)


27.07.2022 Wednesday saw two historic bouts from the welterweight and heavyweight divisions. The first was the hastily arranged rematch between Carmen Basilio and Johnny Saxton and the second saw Archie Moore make a second attempt at the heavyweight title against newcomer Floyd Patterson. Johnny Saxton versus Carmen Basilio Undisputed World Welterweight Championship 12.09.1956 Carmen Basilio wasn’t going to leave much to chance and decided on an even more aggressive strategy than before, looking to cut off Saxton and inflict a […]

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Boxing Foundation (diary entry)

peek a boo bare knuckle 2

25.07.2022 My first new client began on Monday night with a course on basic boxing. This is with a view to pursue either stand-up striking in general or mixed martial arts. After describing the different approaches to boxing, I decided to choose primary inspiration from peek-a-boo and high guard boxing approaches. This aligns better with my muay Thai course and MMA course due the square-hips stance. After dynamic stretches and mobility exercises, we moved onto basic footwork. This began with […]

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More work with Level Changing (diary entry)

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20.07.2022 Today’s junior and senior lessons both focused on stand-up Mixed Martial Arts. The junior class introduced the level changing concept and the basis for the live sparring drills that can be done using this strategy for creating false fight patterns. We cover the downward angled rear straights and jabs as well as the two shove hooks. The senior progressed on after a full revision that included setting up shovel hooks and head kicks on retreating opponents. I then brought […]

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Back, but for how Long? (diary entry)


20.07.2022 Wednesday’s two fights looked at how two men coped after they won back their world titles. The first was Sugar Ray Robinson, obliged to face Bobo Olson in a rematch for the world middleweight title. After that we went to the lightweight division for a non-title match-up between rising star Joe Brown and the current holder of the world title, Bud Smith. This match would serve as something of an accurate predictor for the rematch where the belt would […]

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Shovel Hooks, Shifting Steps & Pendulum Kicks (diary entry)

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14.07.2022 Thursday’s lesson brough my client onto the third hour of his current Mixed Martial Arts course. As with yesterday’s client, we are looking at the level change MMA combinations drilled as live sparring exercises. We covered all the same combinations and set-ups, using the level changing patterns. These are created to set up the downward angled straight rights, jabs and shovel hooks. Then I introduced techniques designed to cover distance on a retreating opponent. For the right shovel hook […]

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More Mixed Martial Art Combinations (diary entry)


13.07.2022 I introduced my Wednesday client to the MMA combinations I taught to Thursday night’s client. We also brought in some extra moves to catch a further retreating opponent. The lesson began with dynamic stretches and some simple line-work techniques before we covered the set-ups for downward angled jabs and crosses followed by leg-shoot set-ups for the two shovel hooks. These were performed as compliant combinations and then as live sparring drills. Next we addressed the back-peddling opponent. Again, the fighter […]

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Familiar Ground & Broken Ground (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 18.49.26

Wednesday morning’s “Learn from the Fight” lesson went back to the Light Heavyweight ranks where Archie Moore remained busy since we last saw him and also to the bantamweights for a true moment in boxing history with Mario D’Agata. Archie Moore versus Yolande Pompey Undisputed World Light-Heavyweight Championship 05.06.1956 Yolande James Michael Sonney Caius Pompey was born on 22nd April 1929 in Princes Town, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. His father was French artist and his mother was a […]

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The Triple Closed Guard Threat (diary entry)


11.06.2022 We finished this course on ground fighting/submission grappling with work on the three major submissions from the closed guard: the arm-bar, the triangle choke and the omoplata. These are three submissions that can serve as an effective combination of traps, each one being easy to transition from each other. We warmed up with our usual dynamic stretching and sport specific muscle activation exercises. Then we plunged straight into the technical material. I began with the standard arm-bar. This was […]

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Fullmer Bounces Back & Basilio Stumbles in Style (diary entry)


07.07.2022 This morning’s “Learn from the Fight” covered highlights the middleweight contendership battle of Gene Fullmer and Rocky Castellani before we analysed Johnny Saxton’s attempt to rest the World Welterweight Championship from Carmen Basilio. No introductions to any of these fighters were necessary. We just picked up their stories from where we left off. Gene Fullmer versus Rocky Castellani 04.01.1956 After losing his contender position to Sugar Ray Robinson, Rocky Castellani fought one last match in 1955. He won a […]

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Stack-Pass, Hip-Bump Sweep & Kimura from Guard (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 11.40.49

04.07.2022 The ninth hour of my couple clients’ submission grappling course moved onto one more pass, a sweep and a submission. We kept everything from the close-range guard, passing a closed guard and sweeping and submitting from an open close-range guard. As usual the lesson began with a warm-up of dynamic stretches and muscle activation/muscle memory exercises. We covered the standard stack-pass. Rather than using the hip-pin standard get up strategy we used in our first pass, we went for […]

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Robinson’s Revenge & Saddler’s Savagery (diary entry


29.06.2022 Sugar Ray Robinson versus Bobo Olson Undisputed World Middleweight Championship 09.12.1955 The fight took place at the Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USA, in front of 12,441 spectators. According to BoxRec: “The gross gate was $128,462 and the net gate was $107,051. Olson received 35% of the gate and a share of the $75,000 in TV and radio money. His total came to $61,718. Robinson got 25% of the gate and a share of the TV and radio money. His […]

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