Diary / Training Notes

More Anti-Grappling (diary entry)


29.11.2022 The sixth hour of my bodyguard client’s course on self-defence continued our work in grappling and anti-grappling. After a warm-up we continued our clinching familiarisation training. Here my client went through the basics of collar and elbow bulling as well as over-hook/under-hook pummelling, leading into positional controls and transitions. We discussed and tested methods for countering basic holds as well as ways to scale down from more lethal techniques to simply subduing an attacker. Next, we moved into some […]

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Flurry & Smash Prep (diary entry)


29.11.2022 Today I worked with Athena School of Karate in preparation for the seminar I am teaching with Iain Abernethy on 17th December. All combinations were trained in shadow and application. My session will be divided up into a section dominated by boxing combinations and kickboxing combinations. The overall theme will be on asymmetrical cadence. We are developing combinations, tactics and strategies to shift between speed and power techniques. Services

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Stack & Pound (diary entry)


28.11.2022 Hour five of my couple clients’ Mixed Martial Arts Ground Fighting course looked at stacking from guard. This area concerned the fighter standing as the opponent gets their feet on the fighter’s hips. Posting with feet on hips is a very effective and common method to escape to standing. In MMA ground fighting, getting to a standing position from underneath is the top of the hierarchy and fighters should seek it above sweeping and submitting. Likewise, the fighter in […]

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Overhand, Cobra, Superman & Bizarro Punches (diary entry)

check superman punch 3 (1)

18.11.2o22 & 25.11.2022 Hour seven and hour eight of my client’s basic Mixed Martial Arts course looked at three punches thrown over the guard and one extra. The overhand punch has its origins as a fairly raw swing over the top of the guard, usually thrown with a lot of power. Like the other three punches, it is a high risk/high reward technique. We used level changes and jab slipping to set it up on a 45 degree angle, attacking […]

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Elbow Strike Clinic Continues (diary entry)

spinning elbow

24.11.2022 Hour three of my client’s second course on Muay Thai continued work on elbow strikes. We went through all the material covered in the previous lesson, incorporated new combinations and applied pressure. For the latter, I sparred using a head cage. These full-face head-guards aren’t ideal but allow for students to execute elbow and knee strikes to the head in a sparring situation. However, due to the vision restrictions I decided to only wear the head guard and prohibit […]

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Blasted from the Past, Stopped by The Future (diary entry)


23.11.2022 Archie Moore versus Yvon Durelle Undisputed World Light Heavyweight Championship 12.08.1959 As discussed last lesson, Archie Moore had been in negotiations with Sugar Ray Robinson. Robinson wanted to be the first man to hold the undisputed world middleweight and world light heavyweight titles. However, he ended up getting stripped of the NBA version of his title resulting in last lesson’s match between Gene Fullmer and Carmen Basilio and Moore decided to give Yvon Durelle a rematch. Robinson subsequently fell […]

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Grappling & Anti-Grappling (diary entry)


22.11.2022 Hour five of my self-defence course for a bodyguard client, looked at handling grappling. Grappling, in self-defence terms, is either a backup resort in frontline cases when striking is efficient, a method for managing mid and low level violent threats and as a means for control and restraint. In order to understand anti-grappling a student needs to learn some basic clinch work. We began with collar and elbow as well as under-hook/over-hook clinching. From here we trained taking the […]

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Countering the Jab (diary entry)


22.11.2022 Hour three of my client’s new course on Boxing looked at counters to the jab. Again, we went with the Cuban influence and explored a few inventive ways to intercept jabs. Rear hand parry/jab Dip/body jab Slip/Cuban long hook/cross Rear hand parry/cross Dip/lead hand body shot/right cross Slip/Overhand right hook We then mixed them in with other punches and combinations. The lesson finished 1 x 3 minute round of free sparring. Services

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Ground ‘n Pound Drills (diary entry)

Ground n Pound DrillScreen Shot 2022-11-22 at 11.06.57

21.11.2022 Hour four of my couple clients’ course on Mixed Martial Arts Ground Fighting looked at fighting in the guard. We used the MMA Shredded basic trap and counter drills, beginning with the process of freeing a simple hold-down position (collar and overhook grip) and then into trapping and striking. We then layered in posting, countering posting with arm traps and back to the earlier position. The lesson finished with 2 x 2 minute specific sparring rounds from these positions. […]

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Private Group Training (diary entry)

adults and children training in the mix

19.11.2022 On Saturday I was booked to teach three children with their parents a Muay Thai session. One of the children and one father had already trained in several private lessons, and the father is an experienced nak muay. The other father, who was mainly in a supervisory role, and his two sons were new to my lessons and to Muay Thai. The lesson allowed for group training activities and one-to-one training in the form of rounds. Operating in a […]

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Mount Defence & Jabbing Tactics (diary entry)

Striking from the mounted position1

16.11.2022 These were my last two Wednesday private lessons. My junior MMA client looked specifically at defending from under the full mount position. My senior class focused on the five tactical jabs I covered in Tuesday’s lesson.  The first class began with establishing an adaptable covering defence with bridging and snaking. We discussed the perils of over-bridging when defending the mount where a fighter can end up surrendering their back. Then we looked at different ways to trap the arms […]

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Two Irresistible Forces (diary entry)


“Learn from the Fight” turned its attention to 1959’s Fight of the Year: Carmen Basilio versus Gene Fullmer. Carmen Basilio versus Gene Fullmer NBA World Middleweight Championship 28.08.1959 The background for this event was very controversial. Carmen Basilio had lost his unanimous world middleweight title to the man he had won it from, Sugar Ray Robinson. The two matches had been a huge success with Basilio shocking everyone by defeating the great Robinson on a split decision and then losing […]

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Anti-Bullying Teacher Programme 7 (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 14.43.37

16.11.2022 My first lesson of the day was hour seven of my teacher consultancy for the Drum Kempo Ju Jutsu and Fitness anti-bullying programme. Having covered what sort of people bully, what sort of people can be bullied and how bullying might take place, we looked at ways to become a harder target for bullies. Prior to this there were the usual segways and side discussions on continued professional development. My client is currently immersed in some prolific Brazilian Jiu […]

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Tactical Jab (diary entry)

Boxing Jab

15.11.2022 Tuesday night brought my client up to second hour of his second current boxing course (his third in total). We focused on breaking down the jab and its applications. This week we looked at five tactical ways to use this particular punch. The jab is a weapon that is not just used to score the fastest points at range or to set up other strikes, it is the best for manipulating an opponent’s guard. Tonight we looked at this […]

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Elbow Strike Clinic (diary entry)

Cover Elbow (loose)

14.11.2022 Tonight for my client’s second hour of her second Muay Thai course we took a break from looking at southpaw strategies to focus on elbow strikes. It proved to be a deep dive into just two types of elbow strike – the horizontal and spear variations – and how they fitted into combinations. After a specific sport and muscle activation series of exercises, we isolated the two elbow strikes and looked at their delivery. This was done a shadow […]

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Defending Ground ‘n Pound (diary entry)


                                    14.11.2022 Hour three of my couple clients’ course on MMA Ground-Fighting brought us on to the subject of defence. We looked at defending from under side control and full mount. After a warm-up of sport specific and muscle activation exercises, we moved straight into side control. Whilst here I thought it be a good opportunity to look at the dreaded crucifix position, […]

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