Diary / Training Notes

Pin Transitions & MMA Combinations Continue (diary entry)

mma takedown

09.10.19 Junior Basic Submission Grappling and Senior Mixed Martial Arts were Wednesday’s second lessons.  Submission Grappling finished the pinning drill. Mixed Martial Arts revised three combinations from last week’s lesson and introduced a new one as well three rounds of pad-work followed by a round of MMA sparring.   Submission Grappling re-confirmed the pins already covered as well as strong transitioning. Then I introduced the knee-pin, reverse scarf-hold and the mounted position. We went over the importance of filling in […]

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Offline Strikes & Pressure Testing at Kingham Hill School (diary entry)

pressure test

09.10.19   Kingham Hill School’s Self-Protection course was Wednesday’s first lesson. We shifted our focus onto direct application of force. We also covered offline strikes and an introduction to pressure testing.   Training began with a warm up of purposeful walking, taking in surroundings and identifying hazards and exits. As a circuit of the training hall was completed the class were told to immediately move to exit points. Attention was paid to posture and observation. Heart rates were raised with […]

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Concussions, Black Belts & Self-Protection Plans (diary entry)

08.10.19   Tuesday night’s CPD lesson for a martial arts teacher was largely a consultation. We discussed duty of care in one aspect of black belt gradings and also an overview of the self-protection programme this teacher is currently implementing.   The value of the black belt has become a regular controversial topic since the commercialisation of martial arts. My client is part of an association that appears to have done a great job in adding validation to this qualification. […]

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Counters in Muay Thai (diary entry)

knee (smaller)

07.10.19   Monday night saw the second hour of my client’s second Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training where we began our focus on countering techniques, tactics and strategies. This culminated in three technique-based rounds of pad-work looking at linear strikes, round strikes and clinching knee strikes.   We began with a warm-up of mirror footwork, one-for-one technique exchanges, agility ladders and agility cones. All these exercises are designed to improve mobility and agility specific to the combat sport. […]

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Counter & Combination Sparring Drills (diary entry)

Jamie Clubb of Clubb Chimera Martial Arts in the Bodyguard drill! (small)

05.10.19 Saturday morning saw a continuation of the course I covered on Thursday with the same client. This is his penultimate lesson in a 10 hour course of seven lessons, bringing us up to the nine hour point. This particular course is focused entirely on stand-up sparring with a strong bias towards Muay Thai. After a warm-up of callisthenics and footwork on the agility ladders, we got straight into the following sparring drills: Round One: One for one sparring Round […]

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Sparring Drills Continue (diary entry)

low kick jamie

03.10.19 Thursday night brought my client up to the seven and a half hour point of his course on stand-up sparring. Tonight we built on previous Muay Thai sparring drills with some Western Boxing influences. We warmed up with mirror footwork, which was followed by three sets of pad-work. The first set looked at Western Boxing attacks and defences against kicks. The second added to this teeps and knees. The final set added in round kicks. We then commenced with […]

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Submissions & MMA Combinations (diary entry)


02.10.19 Wednesday’s second lesson was my regular junior/senior double private class. The junior lesson began my client’s course on submission grappling/ground-training and my senior lesson focused on MMA combination work. I introduced my junior client to ground-fighting with a series of basic specific callisthenics – bear crawls, lizard crawls, seal crawls, monkey crawls and snaking. We then looked at side-control and scarf-hold along with transitioning from these two pins. I also introduced north-south. After a warm-up of focus mitts/belly pad […]

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Progressive Basics in Self-Protection at Kingham Hill School (diary entry)

Talking Hands (small)

02.10.19 My third self-defence lesson at Kingham Hill School this term further built on the basic areas covered last week. This included tightening up and layering tactical escape principles as well as progressive pre-emptive strike tactics. The importance of developing day-to-day survival behaviours and aspects of the aftermath were also addressed.   We warmed up with everyone walking with purpose taking in their environment. This included locating exit points and potential hazards. The class also paid attention to gait and […]

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Eve Teasing: Using the Fence to Set Social Boundaries

Angry fence to make space (a)

28.09.19   My second Saturday lesson was a two-hour overview with my teacher client.  We focused on the material the teacher will be delivering in a two-hour lesson in India for teenage girls (aged 16-18). I was advised on certain cultural norms and how to tailor my self-protection programme to suit.   The programme will be combined with the teacher’s own extensive knowledge and experience. It was decided that in addition to generic information regarding attitude, awareness and legalities on […]

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New Junior Submission Grappling Course Begins (diary entry)


28.09.19 My first Saturday lesson saw my two junior clients begin their first course in Submission Grappling. We looked at pin transitioning moving from side control to scarf-hold to north-south to scarf-hold to knee-pin. We focused on securing positions and controlling weight distribution. Warm-up covered several crawling callisthenics that are very useful to submission grappling and the top position in particular. Next lesson we will complete the pinning sequence and move onto the first submission.

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MMA Takedowns & Submissions (diary entry)


25.09.19 My second Wednesday lesson was my regular double junior/senior lesson, where I concluded my course on stand-up/clinch and continued MMA combination work respectively. The first lesson revised most of the course material and I introduced the shoulder throw as well the quarter-nelson used to get a pin. We finished with two rounds of sparring. The second lesson went back through some of the set-ups in the previous class that began at stand-up range and finished with a ground submission. […]

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Layering Escape & Pre-Emption (diary entry)

Hand strike variable - palm

25.09.19 Wednesday’s first lesson was at Kingham Hill School, where I continued teaching my Self-Defence tactical escape methods and introduced the concept of the fence. The lesson began with movement exercises, integrating runs to exit points, sprawling, punching whilst moving, changing levels and covering. We then added on agility exercises to increase explosive movement. This was a combination of chopping steps forwards and backwards through the ladders and forwards and backwards serpentine running around the cones. We then moved onto […]

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Teacher Training Continues (diary entry)


24.09.19 Tuesday’s lesson continued my trainer the trainer CPD course on self-defence methods. We worked more on anti-grappling and the offline/multiple defence overlap as well as testing tunnel vision under pressure. We also discussed proactive pad-work and objective-training. Anti-Grappling We divided up and isolated then combined the retention of balance when being gripped, pulled and pushed. This is the backbone of takedown defence. This is then integrated into a pad drill. The coaching student grips, pulls and pushes with one […]

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Round Knees and Back Kicks (diary entry)

curve knee

23.08.19 Monday night saw the completion of my client’s Basic Course in Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training. We revised all the material covered in previous lessons – focusing on the round knee and sweeps – and I introduced the back kick. Training began with a warm-up circuit of agility/coordination exercises. These footwork drills allowed for an autonomous selection of various techniques that can be thrown on angle and made use of both the ladders and cones. We then […]

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Sweep to Single Leg (diary entry)

single leg 1

21.09.19 Saturday saw the final lesson of my two junior clients’ course on stand-up grappling/clinch. We revised all the material over the course also had another look at the hip-throw. I also brought in a sweep-single-leg combination and covered a couple of ways to get a pin, which will move us nicely into the submission grappling course that will follow. The lesson began with an energetic series of exercises. After some basic dynamic stretching and callisthenics, we did some mirror […]

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Wrestling & MMA (diary entry)


18.09.19 The junior and senior team of nephew and uncle saw stand-up grappling moving towards a temporary close and more MMA combination work respectively. After a brief warm-up of callisthenics and dynamic stretching the junior lesson was straight in with bulling, pummelling and various two-person drills. We revised takedown defence and various other tactics. Then we moved onto the two-handed shoulder throw. The lesson was finished with 2 x 2 minute rounds of stand-up grappling. The senior lesson linked various […]

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