Please see below a list of the official Clubb Chimera Podcast (Jamie Clubb’s Podcast) and individual episodes from other podcasts featuring Clubb Chimera Martial Arts material:

Jamie_Clubb_PC_2Jamie_Clubb_Part_2.mp3 Jamie_Clubb_PC_1 Jamie_Clubb_Part_1.mp3 From the Iain Abernethy Podcast! “Jamie Clubb joins me on this podcast! You’re going to love it! Jamie is someone I always enjoy talking to! The combination of his deep knowledge and critical thinking always make for fascinating conversations. I’ve been wanting to capture one of them for a while! This did not disappoint! Jamie and I can both talk! So our conversations are always lengthy. Our original plan was to talk for around an hour in this podcast, but it ballooned to two and a half hours! The topics covered were wide ranging and the conversation fascinating!  Over the two and a half hours we cover: • Historical Martial Myths • Training Flaws • Critical Thinking • Solo Training: Shadow Boxing and Kata • Self-Defence vs. Martial Arts • Self-Protection for Children • And Loads more! I’ve been doing these podcasts for over a decade and this has to be one of my all-time favourites! For ease of listening, I have split the conversation into two parts. Please be sure to listen to them in order!”    

  Jamie Clubb is interviewed in Chis Jones’s Kick Back Podcast discussing his book, “Wrong Fu”, and his background in martial arts. https://soundcloud.com/chris-jones-361349442/episode-4  

Excellent podcast,I consider Jamie one of the finest martial arts practitioners in the country today as well as being a writer and innovator of equal measure,I am proud to call him a friend.Attend,read,listen to anything by Jamie and you will understand what I mean.

Mo Teauge, World Combat Association, Functional Jeet Kune Do & The Hard Target System

Jamie’s third podcast is out and it’s my favourite one so far! No spoilers here but excellent advice and debunking martial-myths throughout the podcast! A MUST listen for everyone in the martial arts. As a Karate practitioner, a especially enjoyed this episode.

Leigh Simms, author of UK Self-Defence Law

  Reinventing-Violence-(200)Jamie Clubb is referenced in this particularly insightful podcast by Iain Abernethy about reinventing violence in the martial arts subculture.             kung fu podcast memeParts 1 and 2 of the Review of an essay by Jamie Clubb, “CSI – The Three Missing Fundamentals” on TW Smith’s “Kung Fu Podcast“.                 Jamie Clubb’s “By-Product Myth” is referenced by Iain Abernethy in this special audiobook edition of Iain’s podcast. This book was written and recorded a year prior to the release of the essay “The By-Product Myth”, which was later rewritten for Jamie’s first martial arts book, “Mordred’s Victory and Other Martial Mutterings”. The_Martial_Map_ The-Martial-Map-0111