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What clients, past and present, in the private, professional and local sector have to say about Jamie Clubb and the Clubb Chimera Martial Arts approach to self protection.

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Corporate Sector

Farm ED

I had previously booked Jamie to give self-defence lessons to my teenage children and some of their friends before they went off on their first independent travelling adventures. I was so impressed with him on that occasion that I called on him again to train team members in my workplace.

Jamie is a first class trainer and an extremely knowledgeable professional in this field. His attention to detail is excellent and his ability to tailor his teaching to each person’s unique needs and abilities is impressive. Whether a nervous beginner or have some experience he will both support and challenge you. Our group consisted of a mix of sex, age, size and ability and he looked after everyone. He genuinely fosters a positive and inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and motivated to push their limits. Each session is meticulously planned, balancing physical training with insightful discussions on situational awareness, threat assessment and recapping.

His approach to training is holistic, ensuring that students not only learn effective techniques but also develop the confidence and mental resilience needed in real-life situations. The practical sessions and scenarios that Jamie incorporates into the training are realistic and invaluable. They emphasise the importance of simplicity and efficiency in self-defence teaching techniques that are easy to remember and effective under pressure. His clear, patient explanations and hands-on demonstrations make even the most complex moves accessible to all. Jamie encourages a mindset of preparedness and vigilance, promoting not just physical strength, but tips on avoidance of conflict and always awareness of escape routes. 

In summary, training with Jamie has been an incredibly rewarding experience. His expertise, teaching style, and genuine care for his students makes him an exceptional self-defence trainer. I wholeheartedly recommend Jamie to anyone looking to learn self-defence, boost their confidence, and gain invaluable life skills.

– Celene Wilkinson, Co-Founder

Hofer Powertrain

For aClient Reviews CorporateBrown Gradient Modern Minimalist Law Firm Client Testimonial Review Instagram Postll companies looking for something different to put in their staff events diary, look no further than a corporate course with Clubb Chimera Martial Arts. I’ve had the privilege to have experienced their corporate self protection training offering up close and personal and cannot recommend it enough. I’ve also had the privilege of cross training in Marital Arts ( submission grappling, boxing, mma, muay Thai, self protection) with founder of Clubb Chimera Martial Arts, Jamie Clubb and trust me a day spent in his company will challenge, start or build upon your beliefs around self protection in the ever changing modern world.

– Anthony Colley, Head of Finance at Classic British Hotels & former Financial Controller for Hofer Powertrain

Solicitors Regulation Authority/Law Society

Client Reviews CorporateClient Review CorporateThe Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) is responsible for the regulation, in the public interest, of all solicitors in England and Wales. The Forensic Investigation Unit is responsible for investigating serious misconduct including theft, fraud and money laundering.

The CCMA self defence course was a two day intensive training workshop, designed specifically for the professional and corporate sector. After discussions with me, Jamie Clubb outlined a workshop that focused on the exact needs of the staff in Forensic Investigation. The first day was concerned with soft skills – conflict management, general self protection attitude, situation awareness and assessing the demeanour of potential threats. This led the class up to the crisis point when all attacks can occur. The second day introduced the students to hard skills training. This day consisted of various physical activities designed to reveal to a student his or her natural technique selection in a real-life situation. They were able to then improve these natural techniques, learning how and when to apply them, before confirming them through a series of safe yet honest pressure tests. Training had a very individualized approach and all ranges of ability were taken into consideration without compromising the seriousness of the subject.

I received very positive feedback from all of the attendees on the course, who all said that it would benefit them in their personal and professional lives.

I would recommend this course to all organisations who have concerns about the health and safety of their staff in situations of potential conflict.

Yours faithfully

Andrew Becconsall

Investigation Manager

Forensic Investigation

Education Sector

This term has seen Jamie deliver a Self defence class for our school pupils on a weekly basis. Each week he has provided an exceptionally professional, interesting and challenging session for the class. Jamie is very aware that the pupils must understand the importance of self defence and he not only puts them through their paces but he ensures that they advance their knowledge in self protection and attack prevention. His awareness of his audience, tailoring each session to suit their needs and interest has made a real impact and his class has been over subscribed this term. Due to the demand for his classes to continue we will be continuing these sessions next year also, and look forward to being able to offer Jamie’s Self defence classes at school for many years to come.

Rebecca Lund, Head of Sports, Kingham Hill School

58410433_668511706935313_6616245383456001818_nA massive thank to Clubb Chimera for taking the session for Week  3 – Young people were taught about self defence, self protection, respect and much more. Feedback was so fantastic that we will be having Clubb Chimera for more sessions

Terach Bavangila & Wendy Thomas, The Art of Survival (youth initiative), Hackney, London

1ST WITNEY COMPANY – The Boy’s Brigade

Jamie has been to visit us here at the BB twice with the plan of coming more times. He has been taking the boys (Aged 11-18) for Self Defence which is morphing into Self-Protection. Jamie is a good leader and is clearly a gifted teacher of Defence. He not only understands what is required by the boys but he helps put it into their language. They have listened with respect and taken on board what he tells them. This is quite an achievement given some of the personalities that we have! Jamie focuses on both the physical aspects and the processes behind them. The boys were engaged by this and have benefitted from knowing rules such as personal space and not defaulting to old habits. This has been mentioned to me by all the boys at one time or another and many ask when Jamie is coming again. I would definitely recommend the work of Jamie Clubb, in particular his style of service. Always responding to the needs of the group, but also not letting them forget that it is his class and that what he is doing is very important for them and they need to give him the respect.Having seen Jamie in action taking his course I can say with certainty that he does deserve respect. He is doing an important thing in 21st Century Britain and I cannot rate him highly enough

On behalf of the 1st Witney BB,

Captain Ricky Slatter

Martial Arts Instructors & Private Bookings

54361734_2048610488542112_2472030541029834752_n IMG_1093 53923149_1288985607907507_2210815324486369280_nI’ve followed Jamie Clubb’s work for some time, really enjoying his writing and podcasts, and after reading his book ‘When Parents Aren’t Around’ I thought I should book him (Clubb Chimera Martial Arts) to come to teach my group, and others in my area. Jamie taught a fantastic workshop on children’s self protection, then his elements from his ‘Vagabond Warriors’ course to us. We all had a brilliant time. A real insight into Jamie’s approach in so many aspects.

I highly recommend Jamie and his work, and will definitely book him again.

Lee Mullan, Kei Ryu Karate, Maldon, Essex

Last weekend our son attended Jamie’s Self protection for 7-12 year olds workshop. We were both really impressed with the content and the way that it was delivered, perfect for the age range and experience of the kids participating. Our son had lots of fun but also had his eyes opened somewhat and his awareness increased to the world around him. This has since led onto some interesting conversations which is perfect for an 8 year old who is wanting to have more independence outside of the home. Would thoroughly recommend.

Later that day I attended the Vagabond Warriors seminar. Being the only woman attending I was a little apprehensive at first but I needn’t have been. Jamie is is a great teacher and we all learnt a lot that we could take away and use both in the dojo and out. Plus we had lots of fun in the process! Would definatley attend one of his seminars again.

Tracey Radley, Kurotan Practical Karate, Wivenhoe, Essex

81714437_10158112641653804_6245576420609753088_oJamie Clubb has built a strong reputation in the world of personal security, especially with regard to appropriate education and training for young people. His book ‘When Parents Aren’t Around’ stands out as the most comprehensive text for youth safety and his seminars and webinars on anti-bullying have made him a sought-after expert for schools and clubs in the UK and beyond.

I would highly recommend him for age-appropriate self-defence education – I have personally valued his work for primary children ahead of secondary school, for secondary students as they gain more independence and need to be making their own judgements on people, places and situations as all teenagers must do.

In this current climate of fear around personal safety, Jamie can offer a pragmatic and easily-understood programme for young people which will give them the tools they need for daily habits which will protect them and their friends from both real and virtual dangers. We have been fortunate to work with him on many occasions in the past and will continue to do so. Expanding his work into schools is a very positive development and his approach to personal security should be a standard part of the PSHE curriculum.

Mary Stevens


Chief Coach at Athena School of Karate


“Top guy with a great view on real life martial arts skills in my opinion one of the best”

Warren Hunt, Eclipse Martial Arts, Walsall

“The online training is really helpful and informative and gives lots of ideas to improve your own training.I would recommend it to anyone”

Lee Wilde, MMA, Telford

“Jamie Clubb is one of those rare instructors who is engages everyone from the onset of each training session and lesson he conducts. He is very effective in putting across a valuable pragmatic message without fuss but with intelligent delivery. Thoroughly personable, a sound communicator and all-round instructor, Jamie dedicates each session to those he instructs and exceptional gains are made by all those in attendance. In short, I cannot recommend Jamie enough and I wish him all the very best regards his continuing successes!”

Steven Timperley, Elite Response Training

“Jamie is a very professional individual who delivers his seminars and classes in a structured, interesting and informative way. I would book Jamie again without hesitation if I required a seminar within his field of expertise.”

John E. Skillen, author of “Extra Chilli Sauce” and founder of The John Skillen Martial Arts and Fitness Centre, Loughborough

“There are few martial arts teachers that have the wealth of knowledge and experience that Jamie offers. His constant study, testing of lessons learned and ability to convey this wisdom both in print and in the Dojo set Jamie apart. I have no hesitation in recommending to one and all regardless of background or experience for those looking to take their martial study and self defence application to the highest level.”

Richard Barnes, Talking Coms & Geoff Thompson Real Combat Method

“Jamie is old school reliable guy with old school traditional core values – he does not let anyone down once he has made a commitment – he is an absolute proffessional at his work”

Tony Terranova, Fighting Fit Martial Arts, Cheltenham

For those of you new to Vagabond Warriors I have to add that attending a mere two VW seminars last year totally transformed my approach, attitude and content of my training and that of the students I have under my guidance. For example, the VW framework helped me deal with the repercussions of a torn hamstring in November and, to cut to the conclusion, saw me switching from dabbling in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to seriously studying Combat JuJitsu under Kevin O’Hagan, having applied some critical thinking to my goals. In terms of the Wing Chun club I co-instruct, gone are the jumping jacks etc. and functional, combative warm ups are in place, using exercises and ideas learnt first hand from Jamie and then devising others based on the VW criteria. The WC students love them, and the harder I push them, the bigger the smiles. Once they can breathe again. My fellow instructor has now mined his extensive repertoire of bodyweight functional exercise to balance my combat-focus with similar reactions from the students.

Andras Milward, FAST Defence instructor and instructor at Kamon Wing Chun Southville

I have recently been re-reading some posts by Jamie Clubb of Clubb Chimera Martial Arts in the UK, and I must say that I am very impressed with Jamie’s approach to martial arts and self defense training. He is truly a critical thinker and accepts nothing at face value. He believes in research, the scientific approach, and unbiased analysis. Jamie has trained with some of the world’s leading personal combat specialists, and he has received remarkable accolades from men who are not easily impressed. Not content with merely teaching a set of physical techniques, Jamie seems to have a unique mission…he wants his students to experience the joy of discovery on their own. He presents them with skill sets not only to learn to fight and defend themselves but also how to research their own approach and learn to think. Jamie is truly a modern-day Renaissance man.

Ron Goin, P.U.M.A. (Practial Urban Martial Arts) Programme


On Saturday 10 July 2010, Jamie Clubb of Clubb Chimera Martial Arts (CCMA) came to The Ho Yiu Fay Black Belt Academy, to teach a seminar on ‘Basic and Specific’ skills for self-protection.

I would describe Jamie as a bespoke provider. What I mean is that prior to the seminar, he asked what I wanted rather than just provide a standardised format.  I decided that I was not looking for a hard skills session for the students, but was rathermore, keen to focus them on the psychological mindset leading up to the crisis point of the attack.

With that in mind Jamie certainly delivered and I was certainly impressed with how well-read and articulate he was.  The seminar was tailored for Bristol (with interesting statistics), and his presentation was very clear and as a person, Jamie was extremely affable.

I am glad to have made a friend in Jamie Clubb and definitely aim to bring him back in 2011.

Kind regards.

Rob Ho

England Representative


img_1060-web“I was delighted to bring over Jamie having first met him at a recent English training seminar with the legendary Geoff Thompson…it was immediately obvious to me that he (Jamie) was very much a realist when it came to combative training…Our seminar was well attended, which I think is a great achievement considering that it was Jamie’s first time to visit Ireland…He’s a very charismatic instructor with an amazing passion for teaching self defence”.

Aidan Caroll, Founder of Focus Fitness and Hard Target Self-Derfence Systems, Head Instructor for Krav Maga in Ireleand and official Irish representative for the Geoff Thompson Real Combat Method

clubpic“We have just returned from the first Kids reality self defence course run by Jamie Clubb, and was impressed by the way it was presented and the content included. My kids really enjoyed it and have come away with some great teachings (learnt quite a bit myself too), would recommend this course to anyone out there wishing to give their offspring the edge in today’s society. We would like to extend our thanks for a great day to Jamie Clubb, John Skillen and Richard Barnes for their friendliness and Professionalism, and would like to wish them all the best for future courses”

Andy Holmes, father of seminar attendees


Praise for Jamie Clubb’s Written Material & Documentatries


attacking-the-cover1-small“I just had to write and say a huge THANK YOU for such an excellent article on reality training for kids. One of my biggest worries about the junior class we teach is that they will go out thinking they are surrounded by some kind of force field because they would just ‘do karate’ on an attacker Having read your article I can see that we could do a lot more for them.”

Karen Wild – Deeping Karate Club

“I am very impressed with your recent article about Children’s Self Defense. I saw the article through Mr. Abernethy’s newsletter and eagerly await the second part of the article. Thank you very much“

Nick Guinn – Guinn Martial Arts, USA.


Praise for Clubb Chimera Martial Arts “Cross Training in the Martial Arts: The Anatomy of Combat”:img_1050-small.thumbnail

“This is a highly entertaining and informative documentary style DVD that covers a number of bases, whilst proving easy to watch. Here, Jamie not only gives us food for cross training thought but also provides an insight into the characters of some of the biggest names in martial arts by allowing us to watch them at work – DVD of the month”

Malcom Martin – Combat Magazine


“The best martial arts DVD of the year”

Bob Sykes – Editor, Martial Arts IllustratedÂ

“Cross Training in the Martial Arts 2: The Anatomy of Hand Strikes”:

“I liked the first one but this is just class! Well done to all involved, this is what martial arts DVDs are all about. Wicked stuff”

BigPhil, Customer

Photography: Richard Barnes, Sonia Audhali, Aidan Caroll and Summersdale Media