Online Self-Protection, Bears & Ant Spiders (diary entry)

07.07.20 Tonight’s teacher consultation focused on the development our “Bear” level for child self-protection. The challenge ahead of any self-protection teacher at this particular level is teaching the responsibility and independence balance. At its core self-protection effectiveness is decided by a student’s ability to take control in a violent situation. This discussion touched upon several topics. The “Bear” Level In essence young people entering at this stage will be naturally going through many changes. They will be faced with more […]

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Zoom Training in Denmark (diary entry)

Mikael Oddershede Gym

06.07.20 Tonight began my Danish client’s first hour of a six hour course on Dirty Boxing and Kickboxing. Today he trained with his daughter and our work included both Muay Thai line-work and Dirty Boxing training on the focus mitts. He is a Tae Kwon Do teacher who attended my “When Parents Aren’t Around” seminar last year hosted by Hinnerup Karate and was my translator on both days. His students were of a high calibre and did well in the […]

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Escape from Reverse Scarf-Hold, Back Mount & Rear Naked Choke (diary entry)

Rear naked strangle1

06.07.20 Monday night’s first lesson on Zoom saw my lockdown reach the seventh hour of what has become a Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting course. We have made it to escaping the reverse scarf-hold which opens us up for attacking the back. The lesson began with some ground-fighting callisthenics and dynamic stretching. I had these exercises performed as a ladder separated into top and bottom positions. Therefore, with the top position we began with bear crawls and then addded on various other crawls, […]

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Soft Skills III – The Aftermath (diary entry)

webinar 3

05.07.20 Sunday saw the third and final part of my online adaptation of soft skills for self-protection, hosted by Keiryu Practical Karate. As the name indicates, this particular webinar focused entirely on post-fight material. I will be repeating this webinar with Hinnerup Karate. Topics included the double tap, escaping to safety, first aid, the law and the Black Dog. Please see below list of reference material mentioned in this presentation: Unconsciousness and Death – Surviving an Edged Weapon Attack Risk […]

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The Switch-Kick (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 19.31.02

30.06.20 Tonight my client arrived at the fifth hour of his second MMA course. He chose to take a break from ground and pound work to look technique detail on the switch-kick. We broke down different elements from this technique by isolating them and using them elsewhere before reintegrating them back into the switch-kick. This process began with the low lead round kick. Here we identified issues like pointing the toes and and balance. We performed a simple balancing combination […]

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Expanding Self-Protection for Young People (diary entry)


30.06.20 Tuesday night continued my teacher training lessons with a consultation on how to expand the children’s self-protection programme. The topics were as follows:   The Use of Bad Language   In line with discussions prompted on my last “When Parents Aren’t Around Webinar”, we talked about the relevance of handling bad language when training children and teenagers. The big issue is that bad language is part and parcel of violence. Predators typically weaponise swearing at their victims in order […]

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Escape from Knee-Pin (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 19.14.13

29.06.30 Monday night brought my client up to the sixth hour of her second MMA course. In line with current restictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been running these via Skype and she has been training with her lockdown partner. This second course has really only focused on Submission Grappling. We arrived at escapes from the knee pin (aka knee-on-stomach). The lesson began with a warm-up of ground-fighting callisthenics and dynamic stretching. We then went into pin transitioning. […]

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Situational Awareness for Young People (diary entry)

situational awareness webinar 2

28.06.20 On Sunday I was invited to continue my online adaptation of “When Parents Aren’t Around”. Our attention fell on situational awareness. The lesson began with some simple physical exercises emphasising the importance of posture – becoming a hard target – responding to sudden changes with tactical escapes, striking and covering, and negotiating obstacles. I then introduced the class to videos that demonstated inattentional blindness. As per my teacher training lesson last Tuesday, I then set up an exercise that […]

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Fighting from the Guard (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 19.55.37

23.06.20 Hour four of this client’s second MMA course consisted of 5 x 3 minute rounds of shadow sparring followed by technical work from the guard using the heavy bag. We warmed up with the usual calisthenics and dynamic stretching directly related to MMA before going through the five round. Each round built off the last. We began with Western Boxing then Muay Thai then clinch then ground from the top and finally ground from underneath. Heavy bag work began […]

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The Pressure of Many (diary entry)

2 on 1 vw

23.06.20 Tonight’s teacher training to the form of a consultation lesson. My client wished to progress with various teaching methods and concepts I have found to be effective in my career. Tunnel Vision Under Pressure When we normally address inattentional blindness we do so from a soft skills perspective. This is usually part of pre-fight training. Tests like the Monkey Business Illusion demonstrate how we can miss abrupt and important changes when we are not expecting them but when we […]

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Escape from Scarf-Hold & North South (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 20.21.15

22.06.20 Tonight’s lesson was the fifth hour of my client’s second MMA course. We looked at escaping the scarf-hold and the north south positions. The lesson began with a dynamic stretching and calisthenic-based workout focused on ground-fighting. After overhand squats, arm circles and torso rotations we began with upas to properly engage all the right muscle groups. These changes to various snaking movements, sit-outs, different crawls and then I introduced my lockdown couple to some submission calisthenics from guard. Both […]

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12 Round Shadow Sparring (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 15.54.49

  18.06.20   Due to bad weather conditions, my online client’s third hour of his second Mixed Martial Arts course took place indoors and without the heavy bag. Tonight we decided to change pace and do a 12 x 3 minute round of continuous MMA shadow training. This included direct instruction, improvisation prompts, visualisation coaching and virtual sparring. So-called rest rounds consisted of active recovery – footwork/skipping.   We warmed up with 10 minutes of dynamic stretching and fight-specific callisthenics. […]

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Ground ‘n Pound Against the Wall (diary entry)

wall takedown

16.02.20 Tonight, during teacher-trainer, we completely focused on fighting from the top position against the wall. This is fairly peculiar to MMA and offers certain benefits for self-defence training. A solid wall or cage has no give and there cannot really contribute much to a rope-a-dope strategy other than it limits an opponent’s angles. Being pinned or stacked on the ground against a wall is even worse as there is only way to escape and your opponent can concentrate all […]

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More Escapes from Side Control (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 15.22.58

15.06.20 Tonight my client completed her fourth lesson in her second MMA course, which has largely become a Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting course. We continued going over pin transitions and spent more time on escaping side control. The lesson began with ground-fighting callisthenics. These moves began with the bottom position as we dynamically stretched through upas, snakes, side winders and did some neck conditioning. I also introduced three exercises to drill the guard position. We then moved onto the top position with […]

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The “Extra” Tool (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 17.41.48

  09.06.20 My client’s second hour of his second MMA course was a technical lesson mainly focused on a grounded heavy bag. However, tonight’s lesson was different in the respect we had the addition of a new adapted tool.   The tool in question was simply a cord my client tied around his heavy bag. This has made drilling and visualising arm positioning a lot easier. We began with a full MMA shadow boxing warm-up. Then we moved onto our transitioning […]

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Takedowns off the Wall (diary entry)


09.06.20 Tonight’s teacher training picked up from last week’s session, focusing on cornering and setting up takedowns off the wall. We began with footwork and cornering drills, moving into more resistance-based work. My client and her training partner built up a series of specific sparring exercises where I layered in footwork, head movement, feints, body shots and switching levels for takedowns. We also used takedown contingency plans, using the the calf-kick on low stance (as when an opponent drops their […]

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