Fluid Weapon Work and Fluid Striking Combinations (diary entry)

focus mitts holding

21.04.21 My first lesson continued my combat stick work. Using Filipino influences, we warmed up using several dexterity and mobility drills. These exercises include getting used to the length of the sticks, moving them around the body and seamlessly switching hands and grips. The focus tonight was to get my client used to adapting, changing levels, stance, postures and fighting whilst moving. This will be a continuous theme of the course. We then trained the first two angles from both […]

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Keiryu Experiences the Rhythm and Flow (diary entry)

rhythm and flow combinations keiryu

20.04.21 I was delighted to teach the beginning of a four-part online training course covering the stand-up rhythm and flow combinations that have previously been covered by Athena School of Karate and several of my private clients with long-time friends, Keiryu Practical Karate. We got through combinations one and two as shadow boxing work. I also discussed the context, purpose, application and attributes of these combinations. Combination number one uses double-up attack/counter-attack tactics. This includes a cross/slip-cross (or a straight […]

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Speed and Power on the Pads (diary entry)

extreme academy tarn thai kick2

19.04.21 In line with current Covid-19 protocols, my two clients continued going through their stand-up combinations with me (see last session for details). We trained combination 10, which is a particularly fast-paced sequence that includes a double rear round kick to the body and a double speed round kick to the body. We looked at changing direction with this combination and changing tempos. I also isolated the kicking aspects of the combination to better chain the kicks to the punches […]

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Superman Punch and Switch-Hitting (diary entry)

check superman punch 3 (1)

14.04.21 Today my first client continued working on different angled strikes with the stick and was introduced to double sticks. My second client reviewed the first three combinations and then we covered combinations four and five. Stick training began with reviewing the first two angles. These were then performed from different postures in transition and with footwork. Having performed this solo with each hand, we then worked through this using two sticks. Next, we introduced horizontal angles, a single stab […]

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Style and its Limitations (diary entry)

jack johnson 3

13.04.21 My teacher consultancy concluded its trilogy of lessons on Jack Johnson with his last two title defences. Prior to analysing the fights, it was relevant to discuss the campaign against Johnson. Having defeated the previously undefeated James J Jeffries in a bout that resulted in a nation wide series of riots, there was  growing tension within the white establishment to handle Johnson. Not only was he destroying all the “Great White Hopes” sent his way, but his extravagent behaviour […]

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Return to Coaching Pad-Work (diary entry)

third workout cover 2

12.04.21 My two clients who have been training with me online via video coaching are now permitted to train with me in person. I have indoors training facilities at my business that is Covid compliant and under step 2 guidelines I am permitted to hold focus mitts for the first time in ages! And so commenced this new 10 hour course on rhythm and flow combinations for stand-up fighting. Lesson one continued where the last course left off with combination […]

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Edged Weapon and Knife Awarenss and Defence Webinar Part 2 (diary entry)

edged weapon webinar 2

11.04.21 Part 2 of this webinar trilogy focused on the following topics: Edged weapon injuries Building self-defence protocols for edged weapon and knife defence Peter Jones, an emergency nurse practitioner and advanced nurse practitioner and author of “Ninja Nurse”, kindly stepped in for some advice on First Aid in relation to edged weapon injuries. A lively and in depth discussion during the questions and answers section included the following topics: The right age to teach edged weapon self-protection to children […]

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Sticks & Strikes (diary entry)

stick jamie

07.04.21 With Covid restrictions being lifted to allow outdoor one-to-ones that permit certain activities, I taught the nephew and uncle team on sticks and focus mitts. The first lesson focused on angles one and two in line with most kali, arnis or escrima training. This is taught as an accompaniment to my main self-protection and mixed martial arts training. The second lesson focused on the rhythm and flow combinations I have been running my clients through. We covered combinations 1, […]

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Patience and Punishment (diary entry)

johnson vs jeffries

06.04.21 Tonight’s teaching consultancy continued our review of historic fights and Jack Johnson’s time at the top. Last lesson we covered his fights against Tommy Burns to win the heavyweight title of the world and his defence against old friend and middleweight champion, Stanley Ketchel. These are two of the six fights recorded on film of Johnson’s career. After defeating Ketchel, his fourth title defence inside a year and since he had become the first black man to win the […]

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Combination 8 Partner Work (diary entry)


05.04.21 The final hour of my two clients’ second course on stand-up fighting combinations for rhythm and flow covered combination eight. Here we used a to and fro tactic. We drove forward with head, body, head, leg punches and kicks before stepping back and to draw the opponent onto a jab/cross combination. With one of my clients still recovering from a knee injury, we focused on adapting some of the movements to more angular attacks.   If you would like […]

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Jack Johnson’s Bait & Catch (diary entry)

jack johnson diary 1

31.03.21 Last Tuesday I continued my teacher consultancy course on historic fight analysis. Last week we began with the dawn of the gloved era and a pioneer of outside boxing, Jim Corbett. Prior to throwing the spotlight on this week’s star, Jack Johnson, we watched an excerpt from a bout that bridges the two eras: James J Jefferies versus Bob Fitzsimmons  world heavyweight championship. This was their first meeting in 1899. The less than three  minute or so footage appears […]

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Tactics are Important (diary entry)

last boxing lesson athena diary

30.03.21 Monday night’s lesson concluded my online course with Athena Karate focusing on boxing principles for cross-training. Each week we have put the spotlight on individual techniques and also shared that light with several noted experts in this field. Tonight we went through 6  x 3 minute rounds. The first four rounds alternating between outside and inside boxing. For the outside boxing we looked at the jabbing skills of Muhammad Ali, Joe Louie, Lennox Lewis, Thomas Hearns, Sugar Ray Leonard […]

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Combination 7 Partner Work (diary entry)


29.03.21 Reaching hour nine of my two clients’ second course on rhythm and flow stand-up fighting combinations, we covered the seventh combination. This combination chains together strikes from the head to the body to the head to the body to head and back to the body. It was a classic, tight, close-range approach containing a liver shot in the middle and a rear knee at the end. We incorporated it into footwork, head movement and defensive guard tactics, allowing it […]

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Jim Corbett & the Dawn of Modern Boxing (diary entry)

james corbett

23.03.21 My teaching consultancy presented me with a new challenge: fight analysis. We are looking back at various fights to see what lessons we can learn from them. Asking where they would like to start they suggested as early back as possible. This was a challenge in its own right. However, the earliest filmed fights of boxing matches provide us with one of the sport’s greatest innovators and pioneers. “Gentleman” Jim Corbett had a reputation for fighting on the outside, […]

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The Uppercut is Important (diary entry)

uppercut athena diary

22.03.21 Monday night’s final lesson was my class with Athena School of Karate where I continued my boxing programme. Tonight the uppercut came under the spotlight. Along with the cross/straight right, this is considered to be a true power punch. There have been many famous knockouts achieved using the uppercut, but there are few real masters of this particular punch and even fewer in modern boxing due to the current trend in outside fighting. The uppercut requires toe-to-toe range to […]

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Combination 6 Partner Work (diary entry)

Spinning Back fist diary entry

22.03.21 My second lesson on Monday night took my two lockdown partnered clients into the sixth combination on focus mitts. This is their second course on stand-up focusing on rythm and flow and they are into their eighth hour. Tonight’s training looked at a hands-only series of chained techniques, involving two hammer/back-fists and one spinning variation of this technique. After a 10 minute round of warming up where we went through various Muay Thai combinations, we  completed a 10 minute […]

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