The next Vagabond Warriors martial arts cross training workshop is tentatively scheduled for January. Please email to register your interest.


These three hour intensive workshops are for a limited number of participants only and held Over Norton Village Hall. The objective is to have a friendly yet intensive regular training experience with like-minded martial arts cross-trainers using the Clubb Chimera Martial Arts method. Self-Defence and Mixed Martial Arts will be referenced as the group will explore a range of fighting disciplines using a princple-based approach to training.

These are hands-on courses that are based on an informal extended lesson involving a wide range of aspects that cannot be condensed into a regular lesson nor maintained through a lengthy seminar. You will come away with new exercises, drills and ideas as well as a small network of like-minded training partners. All courses are documented and notes will be made available online after the workshop for you to digest, train and discuss with fellow trainers and the course coach, Jamie Clubb (found of Clubb Chimera Martial Arts). Email for information or to book your place. 

Now taking bookings for a range of tailored courses on a range of topics for your private group, society or club. Jamie Clubb’s courses range from one hour workshops to 10 week courses. Content can be focused primarily on soft skills, such as personal security for self-protection or teaching/training methodology for martial arts, or it can be very physical in nature, dealing with direct applications of techniques, pressure testing and combat conditioning. Clients range from complete novice groups to experienced martial arts clubs, and everything in-between.

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“I would describe Jamie [Clubb] as a bespoke provider. What I mean is that prior to the seminar, he asked what I wanted rather than just provide a standardised format.  I decided that I was not looking for a hard skills session for the students, but was rathermore, keen to focus them on the psychological mindset leading up to the crisis point of the attack.

With that in mind Jamie certainly delivered and I was certainly impressed with how well-read and articulate he was.  The seminar was tailored for Bristol (with interesting statistics), and his presentation was very clear and as a person, Jamie was extremely affable.” – Rob Ho, The Ho Yiu Fay Black Belt Academy, Bristol.

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