Zoom Training in Denmark (diary entry)

Mikael Oddershede Gym06.07.20

Tonight began my Danish client’s first hour of a six hour course on Dirty Boxing and Kickboxing. Today he trained with his daughter and our work included both Muay Thai line-work and Dirty Boxing training on the focus mitts. He is a Tae Kwon Do teacher who attended my “When Parents Aren’t Around” seminar last year hosted by Hinnerup Karate and was my translator on both days. His students were of a high calibre and did well in the pressure tests. He has remained a regular attendee of my webinars and I was honoured that he would book me for a personal training course.

The lesson began with a warm-up of basic footwork and punch-kick combinations. These included jab, cross, hook, uppercut, teep, rear round kick and switch-kick. We also did some slipping and rolling. Once we were suitably warmed up, we began work on the focus mitts.

Tonight’s combinations:

Jab/cross/hook/straight shoulder bump/cross/hook

Jab/cross/hook/elbow bump/uppercut/hook

Jab/cross/hook/upward shoulder bump/cross/hook

Jab/cross/hook/knee bump/uppercut/hook

We trained all the bumps in isolation with the lead hook. They are moves that should naturally extend from the hook. Then these were were combined with the jab/cross before they were joined by the two finishing punches. The concept is to hide these “dirty moves”, utilising good footwork effectively.

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