Wrestling & MMA (diary entry)



The junior and senior team of nephew and uncle saw stand-up grappling moving towards a temporary close and more MMA combination work respectively.

After a brief warm-up of callisthenics and dynamic stretching the junior lesson was straight in with bulling, pummelling and various two-person drills. We revised takedown defence and various other tactics. Then we moved onto the two-handed shoulder throw. The lesson was finished with 2 x 2 minute rounds of stand-up grappling.

The senior lesson linked various boxing combinations with MMA work. We looked at jab/cross/hook and then switched it to jab/cross/single-leg takedown. The V-step often used in Muay Thai to throw the lead hook works perfectly for the execution of the single-leg. Likewise the same can be said for the liver and spleen shots. We also brought the single-leg into play with a Boxing/Muay Thai combination of slip/jab/overhand/diagonal knee.

Next we looked at using the knees to set up submissions. A good example comes off a Muay Thai combination of jab/cross/teep/knee bomb, where the concluding knee bomb against the ropes allows for the fighter to attack with an anaconda choke.

The lesson finished with a five minute round of MMA sparring.