Wrestling combined with Submission Fighting (diary entry)



Tuesday night brought my client up to the ninth hour and penultimate lesson of his second Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting Lesson. Tonight we looked to begin our journey to a Mixed Martial Arts Single Objective Path and combined stand-up grappling/Wrestling with Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting.


After a series of specific dynamic stretches and callisthenics – combining Wrestling and Ju Jutsu exercises – we began a double-leg/guillotine drill. This particular drill had been shadowed in the callisthenic exercise previously. The fighter sprawls off a double leg takedown and counters with a guillotine, the opponent stops the guillotine by standing up and becomes a target for the fighter’s own double leg takedown. From here we looked at the sprawl into the anaconda choke into a gator roll. Then we trained the arm-triangle from the collar tie into a takedown and submission on the ground. The lesson finished with a five minute round of grappling sparring beginning from standing.

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