Rounding up Boxing (diary entry)

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Saturday morning saw the final part of my client’s 10 hour course in Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training. We warmed up with a review of the material we have been covering from footwork to different boxing styles. The 12 round workout brought all of this into focus.

Round 1: Footwork and head movement

Round 2: Active guard and defence

Round 3: Basic combinations

Round 4: Philly shell

Round 5: Peek-a-boo

Round 6: Visualisation (long-range opponent, short range-range opponent, aggressive opponent)

Round 7: Visualisation (defensive opponent, south paw opponent, southpaw against an orthodox opponent)

Round 8: Virtual pad-work

Round 9: Virtual pad-work

Round 10: Virtual sparring

Round 11: 6 x 30 second bursts of speed footwork both orthodox and southpaw (pendulum, side and angling off)

Round 12: 6 x 30 second bursts of speed punching both orthodox and southpaw (straight punchout, shoeshine and hooking)