Working the Attack (diary)





Tonight my client continued work on Mixed Martial Arts. We covered several combinations and concentrated on specific areas such as fighting with the back against the cage. Our main area of focus was developing my client’s general attack and offensive skills.


We warmed up with some specific dynamic stretches and callisthenics before hitting the agility ladders and cones. Agility ladder drills were super-set with fluid shadow boxing/wrestling movements. The ladder drills included chopping in different directions and shuffles as well as more specific exercises such as jabbing in and off line, double leg takedowns, bear crawls, monkey crawls, single-arm jump-overs and sit-outs. Cone drills included switch-hitting off angles and jab/cross/sprawl/double-leg takedown combinations.


We then revised boxing combination set-ups into lowline takedowns. This was followed with low kick baiting into an ankle pick. From here we focused on driving opponents into the ropes or cage wall. We used the long guard and knee bombs to corner an opponent and then worked dirty boxing concepts in the corner. Here we coordinated under-hooks and over-hooks into single arm striking. This was then followed into takedowns and ground striking. We then isolated the ground and worked a hammer-fist/cross/hammer-fist/cross/jab/cross/shovel hook/shovel hook combination in the guard.


The lesson finished with 3 x 2 minute rounds of specific sparring working my client’s attack. Round one was stand to clinch; round two was fighting against the wall and round three consisted of top position in the guard.

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