Why does the best happen when no-one is around to see? (CCMA grading diary entry)

Sadly we didn’t host a guest examiner today, which was a shame as I felt the bar was raised on the whole and everyone put on the best performance I have seen. CCMA is always evolving. Our syllabus is constantly reviewed and updated. We have no listed techniques, but some very robust principles. When I grade students I am looking at their personal development. First and foremost, I want students who understand self protection to the best of their ability. Then I want to see their personal progress through attribute training such as mixed martial arts.

Students were graded on their ability to assess a threat, weapons awareness, pre-empt an attack, recover from an attack and escape, as well as box, kick-box and grapple. They also needed to display the “will to survive” through a gruelling physical test. Higher graded students also needed to demonstrate different aspects of handling multiple aggressors from pre-emption to in-fight pressure testing. The grading finished with questions and answers on personal security and the tenets of the club. A student going for a higher rank in our club also had to present his first draft and demonstration of research he had done into a martial art he is studying outside of the club. In this instance the martial art was Olympic style fencing, which is far removed from MMA. However, there are connections and he did his best to show what he found. The draft was taken away for further marking. I recommend research into such groups as “The Dog Brothers” who have done an interesting and deep study into the combined practice of MMA with Filipino weapons fighting.

The grading award went to Kaine McQuinn who showed great all round ability, knowledge and coaching skill.