When Parents Aren’t Around Pre-Webinar (diary entry)

forest school karate zoom22.04.21

Forest School of Karate will kindly be booking me to teach on 26.04.21. Ahead of the session, their head teacher booked me in for a private lesson to go over the material. This is an excellent way to ensure that he is prepped for the webinar and it is something we have been doing throughout the “When Parents Aren’t Around” series. We were able to discuss various trigger warnings due to the nature of the material and also discuss the ideal setup at home for students for a soft-skills only lesson. Such an opportunity also allows my client to ask me questions and make suggestions so that I can best tailor this presentation to his students.

For details on the content of this part of the course, please check back on the blog for my write-up or see my blog on the last time I taught it online.