When Parents Aren’t Around – Anti-Abduction Training (diary entry)

WPAA abduction webinar26.04.21

I taught the latest part of my “When Parents Aren’t Around” webinar series to Forest School of Karate. You will recall that I previously went through this content with my client teacher last Thursday.

Teaching self-protection requires a constant need to be honest. Good teachers should never pander to the paranoia or the zeitgeist of their times but stick to the facts. Our job as teachers is to do our best to educate children how to be safe when faced with real world violence. When comes to child abduction, self-protection teachers might find themselves in an awkward situation with parents. Parents fear kidnappings by strangers. The history of this fear is discussed in some detail in my last Halloween podcast, “Crushing the Candy Man”. In truth, child abductions are extremely rare and make up a very small percentage of the reasons why children go missing. Child abductions by strangers are rarer still. These are facts that need to be addressed when we begin training children on how to handle predatory adults and teenagers.

Tonight’s lesson looked at dangerous signs and behaviours, situational awareness, deceptive appearances and the bystander effect.

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