Western & Thai Boxing Cross-Training (diary entry)

knee (smaller) Boxing Jab29.05.19


Wednesday night saw the nephew and uncle team continue their exploration of Muay Thai with Western Boxing integration. As with the previous lesson, training was divided up into three minute rounds. However, the senior lesson had a period of specific advanced combination and technique analysis.




Junior Lesson Plan


Round One – Western Boxing Footwork and Head Movement

Round Two – Muay Thai Footwork, Checking and Interception of Strikes

Round Three – Muay Thai Clinching without strikes

Round Four – Western Boxing Focus Mitts

Round Five – Muay Thai Focus Mitts

Round Six – Western Boxing Sparring

Round Seven – Muay Thai Sparring


Senior Lesson Plan


We began with a look at several advanced Muay Thai combinations. These included setups for the cobra punch, the spinning heel kick, the jumping round kick, the knee bomb, climbing smash-down elbow and climbing elbow slash.


Round Eight – Western Boxing Sparring

Round Nine – Muay Thai Sparring


Looking forward we are planning to alternate the senior lessons between more technique-based training and more sparring/conditioning-based training.

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