Webinar on Pre-Fight Self-Protection & Lockdown (diary entry)

Webinar 10 May picWebinar 10 May pic210.05.20

Last Sunday Keiryu Practical Karate kindly hosted me for a personal security webinar. We had attendees across the UK and Europe. The current lockdown situation that has necessitated training happens via video links is a very suitable environment for delivering soft skills lessons. We took full advantage of the situation, screen sharing a presentation and taking questions and answers. I was able to go deeper into certain areas than I would normally have done in a more comprehensive lesson. Instead, in addition introducing simple definitions of self-protection and violence, we were able to focus on the current situation in the short and long-term in relation to interpersonal assaults, attitude and awareness.

The webinar was met with positive feedback and we look towards booking the next part, covering the next stages of soft skills material, very soon.

If you would like to book me to teach for you club, association or even Zoom-linked friends the above described information, please drop me a line.