Visualising Ground-Fighting (diary entry)




My second Monday night online video coaching took my client up to the third hour of his first MMA programme. Being an online video training session, we looked at better developing shadow sparring, sport specific callisthenics and solo training in general to progress his MMA knowledge.


The lesson began with the usual series of dynamic stretching, muscle activation and sport specific callisthenics. We then onto some technical work, the first part of which was combining strikes with the clinch and the second part involved striking from the ground.


Starting at stand-up range, we covered moving into an opponent with jab/cross and shadowing the under-hook pummel. We progressed this into shadowing hip or shoulder throws. This was followed by shadowing a suplex.


We then moved onto the ground where we looked at strikes and transitioning from the top position. Here visualisation was particularly important as we moved into shadowing a spinning arm-bar. What is essential with shadow training is that bad habits are not formed and the student can fully envisage their targets.


The lesson finished with 3 x 5 minute rounds. Each round covered a different way to shadow spar. Round one was a straight forward series of combinations. This is a fairly mainstream way to run a shadow boxing session and is most famously coached by Bas Rutten. Round two ran to the synopsis of scenarios where my client responded to different types of opponent. The final round was sport specific callisthenics – repetitions of techniques performed as exercises.




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