Virtual Sparring Class (diary entry)

virtual sparring OSMA zoom22.05.20

On Friday I was honoured to be invited back to teach via Zoom for the Oxford School of Martial Arts. Following on from last lesson’s restricted training, we focused our attention onto specific shadow sparring to improve sparring in general.

We warmed up going through various techniques that would be covered in the rounds. I wanted to ensure that each of the participants understood how to shadow grappling, slipping, sprawling and a few ground movements. This was done under isolated instruction before got straight into visualisation.

Each of the four rounds was kept at an intensive two minutes and focused on a different type of opponent. I began each round with a follow along series of examples of tactics. Then I had them all virtually spar me as I came at the camera behaving like the type of opponent they were training to face. Round one was dealing with an aggressive fighter. Round two dealt with a counter-fighter/defensive fighter. Round three pitted them against a wild swinger. Round four covered fighting against an opponent seeking the clinch. Then I tagged on a three minute round where they faced a variety of different opponents as well as multiple opponents.