Virtual Focus Mitts on Combos


Saturday morning’s first lesson was my client’s third hour on training stand-up fighting combinations for rhythm and flow. We are currently going back through all the 14 combinations and training them on virtual focus mitts. These exercises help develop and maintain timing that cannot be acquired through just training the combinations in a shadow boxing. This morning we worked through combinations eight to 10. Combination eight links opposite leg kicks together and finishes with a drawing technique onto a jab/cross. On Skype, careful attention has to be taken on how the coach is moving with his stance. Combination nine is also a footwork as well as an upper mobility based combination. It works in evasions chained with strikes. Combination 10 is all about the double kicks, beginning with the back leg and ending with the lead leg. In order to better prepare my client for this combination we did some kicks from a neutral stance during the warm-up, this allows for faster transitions and the ability to kick from any position in a fight.

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