Video Training: Chaining MMA Techniques (diary entry)

jabdrop level30.03.20


My client began her third hour in Mixed Martial Arts training. This is her second live video link tutorial. We went back over details for the double-leg takedown, the sprawl and two break-falls. We also continued ground work positions and focused a lot on chaining and transitioning techniques.


We warmed up through the usual callisthenics and dynamic stretching exercises. Then I began technical work with the simple high and low jab. The low jab involves changing levels as if wrestling. From changing levels I introduced the double-leg takedown. We went through details from last lesson, addressing posture, the depth of the level change and driving forward. Then we combined the jab with the double-leg takedown. Finally, we trained jab/cross/double-leg takedown.


The sprawl was covered next and trained all three variations. This was then combined with jab/cross and I added on a spear knee at the end making it a fully rounded MMA combination with a clear tactical purpose.


Break-falls were next on the agenda and we added on forward rolls to the front break-fall and backward rolls on the back break-fall. We then moved onto the ground where we trained side-control transitioning into scarf-hold. Going underneath, we covered both the upa (bridge) escape and the snake/shrimp (hip escape).







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