Vagabond Warriors

“Vagabond Warriors” Cross Training in the Martial Arts

On the 29th January CCMA launches its first “Vagabond Warriors” workshop. This series of workshops is aimed at martial arts cross trainers interested in functional fighting methods.  Although new techniques and tactics may be taught and exchanged, its primary concern is not to teach a system and certainly not a style but to show a different approach to training in more than one martial arts method.

It will be based around the three missing elemants from most martial arts and self defence classes: Clarification, Scepticism and Individuality. An article on this will follow shortly.

Venue: St Nicholas Church of England School, Priory Road, Kenilworth, United Kingdom

Kit list: Equipment will be provided, but bring full sparring kits and anything martial arts related that you might want to further investigate in training plus water and a towel.

Price: £20 per person, group rates available. Please reserved your place with an advance payment.