Vagabond Warriors Webinar Workout

vagabond warriors workout pic 2 vagabond warriors workout pic04.07.21

Sunday saw the first Vagabond Warriors Webinar Workout. This was a follow up to the previous Vagabond Warriors Cross-Training webinar where I introduced my teaching and training concepts. Here we had an opportunity to go back through this information and apply to home workouts. We applied CSI – Clarification, Scepticism and Individuality and the Hierarchy Of Training. Within the HOT plan we used the Tabata protocol for three workouts based on specific training, attribute training and functional training. Specific training took a technique or techniques organically selected during a self-defence response test, and then trained them in a virtual sparring context or with a partner. Attribute training drew upon Western Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA. Functional training brought in a series of callisthenic exercises designed to condition cardiovascular and muscular endurance in a way directly relevant to the selected techniques as well as striking in general.


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