Vagabond Warriors Webinar (diary entry)

vagabond warriors 13th Junevagabond webinarvagabond webinar 213. 06.21

Despite Sunday giving the UK a belated sunny day and restrictions for face-to-face training being the lowest they have been in a long time, several martial arts teachers joined us for CCMA’s flagship martial arts training experience: Vagabond Warriors. This was the first time the Vagabond Warriors approach to cross training has been presented as a full webinar. We were joined by both UK and international teachers of different martial arts for a discussion rational martial arts cross training and teaching. Topics included:

CSI: Clarification, Scepticism and Individuality

The Hierarchy of Training: Specific Training, Attribute Training and Functional Fitness

We looked at identifying objectives, time management in training, not getting drawn in fads, building techniques from behaviours, testing, adapting to environments, adapting to individuals and a lot more.

With the announcement that the current Covid restrictions will be extended for another month, I am considering following this webinar up with a special workout version. Please comment on our social media or drop me an email to let me know your interest. The event will be on a Sunday at 12 noon very soon if there is enough interest.

These are topics also covered in “Mordred’s Victory and Other Martial Mutterings” available now for the first time in paperback as a totally revised and updated edition. Deadline for signed copy orders are this Sunday 20th June.