Vagabond Warriors for Forest School of Karate Day 1 (diary entry)

vagabond warriors forest school karate pic Saturday05.03.2022

The first day of Vagabond Warriors for Forest School of Karate was a three hour lesson on the clinch. We specifically looked at striking in the clinch and also dirty boxing.

We began with Muay Thai and looked at the double-necktie plum position. This included enterign the clinch from a stand-up striking position where we clinched from the outside as an opponent quickly shelled. This particular tactic was best applied in the midst of an exchange rather than when an opponent is shelling up against the ropes or cage where a knee bomb or smashdown elbow might be a more appropriate tactic.

image00011We then focused on blending the clinching grips with punches. In essence, the grips should be thrown as if executing jabs and crosses. Then we brought in some footwork to break the opponent’s posture and spear knees. All basic knee strikes were trained in line-work. Moving onto the collar and elbow tie, we trained a simple curved knee sweep, followed by a front sweep and then a lock-off style round kick sweep.


image00003image00001 image00008 image00009 PHOTO-2022-03-08-16-22-57Next we moved onto dirty boxing combinations, bringing in shoulder, elbow and knee bumps. Channelling the Henry Armstrong, we worked in a napalm style of clinching and pressure fighting, using these tactics in addition to the Muay Thai.