Vagabond Warriors

 We live in an age where information has never been more accessible. Long
gone are the days when most martial arts schools jealously restricted
their students from being able to train in other disciplines. CCMA was not
born out of a tradition or culture, but honours the spirit of the nomadic
fighter and the scientific method. “Vagabond Warriors”, created by Jamie
Clubb the presenter/writer behind the best-selling DVD series Cross
Training in the Martial Arts, offers students and instructors, regardless
of their level of experience, an opportunity to experiment, research, test
and evaluate different training methods. Our unique workshops and seminars
develop training regimes with groups of like-minded free-thinking people
to further the study of effective and efficient methods for self defence
and combat sports.
The following three areas are the most lacking in the education of
combative systems – be they for self defence or sport – and “Vagabond
Warriors” uses them as guide for our training programmes.
C.S.I. – Clarification, Scepticism and Individuality
Clarification – Beginning with the objective in mind. Defining and
addressing everything we do with a clear single short-term and long-term
target. Objectives dictate the exercise from the warm-up movements you do
to the classes you choose.
Scepticism – Rational critical thinking. We find flaws in training
exercises in order to progress learning experiences and to reduce personal
weaknesses. CCMA tests concepts and creates experiments to test claims.
Individuality – Interpersonal violence is personal, so above all else the
single learner should be at the centre of all aspects of training.
Other areas discussed and covered in include the Hierarchy of Training,
accredited courses, is your self-defence training any good? and the
benefits of attribute training.
Date: Saturday 3rd September 2011
Venue: St Nicholas School, Priory Road, Kenilworth, Warwickshire
Contact: <>
Price: £25 per person (group rates available.
Kit: Gym clothes, any training gear, water, notepad and pen
Teas and coffees provided on site. Focus mitts and other training kit also
provided for the day.
Your coach: Jamie Clubb will be running the seminar.

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