Using the Arms in Muay Thai (diary entry)

chamber kickmuay t29.07.19


My client’s third lesson Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training on Monday dealt with creating a strong connection and defence when throwing basic combinations. We covered teeps and round kicks off either the jab or jab/cross combination.


The lesson began with agility ladders, working basic footwork drills, building to more complicated positioning. This was then progressed on the agility cones where we worked the L-Step and the V-Step.


We then moved onto the focus mitts and belly pad. Here we trained jab/low round kick and jab/cross/switch-kick as well as teep/mid-section round kick and teep/jab/cross/round kick. I focused a lot on arm positioning. It is crucial not to drop your arms when throwing kicks but to simultaneously use them to general momentum and protect the face.


We finished with the long-guard/spear knee.

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