Uppercuts & Spear Knees (diary entry)

Botley Class 3 uppercut13.09.2022

As the title to this blog states, Tuesday’s second private lesson (hour five of my client’s course on Muay Thai basics) introduced uppercuts and spear knee strikes. The spear knee was briefly touched upon in our previous lesson during the warm-up.

We warmed up with basic dynamic stretches followed by a flow drill. I then introduced my client to the agility ladder where we trained chopping forwards, sideways and backwards, Ali shuffles, Ickey shuffles and hip roll set for low round kicks.

The lead uppercut was introduced with particular care being paid to executing it without compromising the guard. I then put together a combination that explained its best use – often when an opponent is up against the ropes. We used jab/cross/lead uppercut/rear hook/lead uppercut.

After going back over the mechanics of the spear knee, I introduced the long guard as a means for setting it up. Then it was integrated into a combination: long guard/rear knee/switch kick.

The lesson finished with the following 3 x 3 minute rounds on the Thai focus mitts (defence and footwork emphasised throughout):

Round 1 – Straight techniques only

Round 2 – Layered in hooks and round kicks

Round 3 – Layered in uppercuts and knee strikes, including the pairing of both the combinations learnt today.



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