Upper-Body Grappling (diary entry)


Reaching the fifth hour of my couple clients’ 10 hour course on the clinch, we put all the work we had been doing on upper-body grappling together. In essence, this type of grappling is a mixture of all forms of wrestling that do not allow holds, sweeps or throws below the waist. Greco-Roman is the most famous example, but most of the various different belt wrestling styles and many regional styles of folk wrestling in Europe and Asia.

The warm-up including various grappling specific exercises, reinforcing good fight behaviours such as maintaining a low stances. We also focused on break-falling and various rolls.

The latter part of the lesson consisted of 4 x 5 minute rounds of sparring. We began with basic grip-fighting and progressed onto takedown sparring. Finally, we did some specific sparring, starting from the ref position.