Unlucky for Some! (diary entry)

kickboxing lesson skype 2kickboxing lesson skype 3 kickboxing lesson skype 4 kickboxing lesson skype26.01.21

Tonight my teacher consultancy lesson whizzed through combinations from nine to 13. A la my lesson on Monday, we  adapted certain combinations for my client’s lockdown partner who went through them from a seated position.

Key points and questions raised/answered:

  • Full pivot kicks are used for certain combinations to promote better flow and especially for doubling up on the same side.
  • The Dutch block can be used to set up the torque for a powerful cross.
  • Asymmetry in technique delivery is essential for longer combinations. Speed techniques are used to set up power techniques
  • Combination number 13 is comparable to combination number 4 in the way it reverses same side technique executions. 13 pairs a cross with a rear horizontal elbow and then a lead spear knee with a lead round kick going from long range to short range to short range to long range using opposite and different limbs.


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