Underhook & Overhook Takedowns (diary entry)

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Hour five of my UKSO Cotswolds’ teacher client’s clinch course brought us on to overhook/underhook centred takedowns.

We trained the following:

Overhook Off-Balance – This technique is a counter to a strong underhook. The takedown can be set up by pushing and pulling an opponent in a body-clinch. Timing is essential and the purpose is have the opponent commit to their underhook, pushing the shoulder high. From this position the fighter presses their palm onto the top of the shoulder blade and steps inside whilst rotating. By doing this they breaking the opponent’s posture and drive them into the mat.

Double  Underhook Takedown – As the name states, the fighter secures a double underhook and then rotates to get the takedown. It is one of the most basic of bodylocks. A good way to time it is when an opponent attempts to re-pummel. At this point they are driving their weight down and the fighter should then tip their other side’s underhook up in order to topple them.

Arm Throw – Different to the Judo seonagi in that the fighter spins to their knees in order to execute the technique. It is probably most simple to execute dynamic/explosive takedowns.


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