Tyres and Bobbing (diary entry)


Tonight’s session was my client’s second lesson in his first course Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training. We revised basic footwork drills and slipping to the inside and to the outside. This was done using tyres, obstacles and as mirror partner-work. Tyres were initially used just promote better coordination, but it can be a very effective form of restrictive training when used for partner-work. Here the fighter is forced to move effectively and economically. It encourages faster and better angling off. This method is especially effective for slipping and dealing with mainly linear aspects of combat.


Moving onto bobbing and weaving, we first looked at using this action for one side of the body, then the other and finally in combination. The movement was trained in isolation and then integrated into various punching combinations. This began with techniques and tactics that are clearly directly benefitted by the movement. Hooks to the body and uppercuts are the obvious example here. They were trained on their own and in combination off the same hand. Bobbing and weaving is far more than an evasive or defensive tactic, it is great for throwing the opponent’s focus and for generating force. Mike Tyson is the text-book exemplification in this respect.


Next we added the bobbing and weaving action to a basic four-punch combination, jab/cross/hook/cross. This was broken down with bobbing and weaving brought in at different points between the punches. We finished this section with the addition of slipping.


The lesson ended with a round of technical, speed and power training appropriate for tonight’s lesson. This consisted of two sets of 3 x 30 second bursts of techniques.


I advised my client several homework ideas, including using a slip bag (or even a doorframe), shadow boxing with his lead foot on one spot to help promote better angulation and how to plan for technical rounds of training – keeping the repetitions of techniques down to short periods with rest spots.

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