Two Single-Leg Takedowns (diary entry)

shadow single leg single leg 217.01.2022

Hour six of my client couple’s course on the clinch brought us onto our first low-line attacks. After a warm-up that included revision break-falls, we did some grip fighting and drilling. I layered in sweeps they previously touched upon during our Muay Thai clinch to introduce them to the low-line takedown work.

The lesson then focused on the single-leg takedown. We began with a mid-level entry point, which is the most systamatic of the basic single-legs. It involves a knee-down shoot into the mirror side of the opponet whereby the fighter hooks the leg and lifts it as they rise, trapping the leg between their two legs. They then shoot again for the opponent’s other ankle. Points to remember include keeping the head in tight on the inside, lifting with entire body, shooting low the second time and to maintain a strong top position after the takedown. Next, we looked at the low (ankle) single-leg takedown. This one involves a more pronounced shoot and is usually executed at a greater distance to the previous technique. It has less “moving parts”, so to speak, but is more reliant on timing. The grappler shoots very low driving their shoulder into the shin and hooks the ankle with their arms.