Two Problems (diary entry)

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Kicking off their new 10-hour Boxing course, my couple clients began our session with a discussion on two problems they were experiencing. One of them has trouble when an opponent circles off. Upon further discussion, she also described perhaps one of the biggest weaknesses with the peek-a-boo style: counter-punchers. My other client, interestingly, is aware that he doesn’t move enough. Further discussion with him, uncovered issues with not feeling natural enough with movement. Therefore, I saw ways we could deconstruct their issues and work them together in live exercises. Today’s lesson didn’t see any of us put on a pair of boxing gloves!

  1. One fighter seeks to circle or angle off and step on the opponent’s foot whilst the other aims to tag their far side hip
  2. Ditto
  3. Ditto
  4. One fighter seeks to tag the rear of the lead shoulder whilst the other aims to tag the centre of their opponent’s chest
  5. Ditto
  6. Ditto

With one of the three us being a southpaw, we had southpaw versus orthodox, orthodox versus orthodox and southpaw versus southpaw sparring situations.