Two-on-One Takedowns & Counters (diary entry)

two on one to back2on1 weapon restraint5 (small)16.08.2023

My 1.5 hour client reviewed all the pinch headlock work we had been covering before moving onto the two-on-one series.

After a warm-up of Indian press-ups and squats, we practised some break-falling and rolling. This was followed by a review of pinch headlock to throwby, pinch headlock to side takedown, pinch headlock to sagging bodylock takedown and pinch headlock to the crunch.

We then began the two-on-one and drilled it from an arm-drag as well as other positions. I covered a different counter to what was taught to my Friday client. We trained what is sometimes known as “splitting the two-on-one”. This involves closing in on the move and passing the free arm under the trapped arm onto the opponent’s sternum. Your free arm is now between the opponent’s two gripping hands. You then lift the free arm under the opponent’s wrist-grip, breaking his hold. With the hold cleared, the fighter can then attack the back or some other form of under-hook offensive.

Using the two-on-one, we then looked at various ways to attack and break an opponent’s posture. This range from simple snapping down actions by dropping one’s bodyweight low and back at the opponent’s balance point to going for a shoulder throw.

We then sparred for another 2 x 5 minutes, ramping up the pressure in the first of these rounds from compliant drilling to full sparring.


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