Two on One (diary entry)

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My junior client continued his clinch/stand-up grappling training with more work on the elbow and neck tie-up and outer reap throw, and was introduced to the two-on-one tie-up.


We warmed up with break-fall/roll combinations from all directions. Once I was confident these were smooth enough and we had discussed their benefits when reversing a technique we went straight into the elbow and neck tie-up. Here we looked at fluid transitioning, correct stances and I introduced “bulling”. This is the practise of putting pressure on an opponent’s head and neck. From here we revised the outer-reap throw, first as an entry and then as a complete throw into a side control pin. Points made were the importance of timing the dominant grip when attacking with the through, maintaining posture and breaking an opponent’s posture before hooking the leg.


The two-on-one tie-up began with simply breaking the neck tie and trapping the arm. From here the grappler double under-hooks the arm, bracing the elbow joint across his body and pushes his head into his opponent’s shoulder. He also steps behind his opponent and sits into a low stance, driving the head in tight to maintain tension and control. From here we looked at switching arms.

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