Two Clients Two Styles (diary entry)



This morning I began a new junior course with two new clients. My mandate is teach martial arts cross-training principles, building up to a Mixed Martial Arts programme. That is the current plan. My clients have backgrounds in Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Boxing.  We began with a course on Western Boxing. It is a great starting point as it develops great footwork skills and trains the most immediate tool at a martial artist’s disposal: their hands.


We began with footwork patterns. This covered forward, backward, angling and circular footwork. We then moved onto slipping and parrying. From here we built on jabs and crosses. We discussed the difference between elastic and plastic force in punches, as well as the tactical importance of withdrawing punches. We also looked at maintaining stances whilst moving.


Training ended with a round of 30 seconds technique, 30 seconds speed and 30 seconds power punching on the focus mitts performed twice.


One client is currently adopting a high guard and low guard style of fighting whilst the other is using the peek-a-boo. This will mean that their styles will be quite different despite training in the same lesson. However, the fundamentals are the same and both will help coach one another.

Peek-a-Boo Boxing


High Guard Boxing