Twist and Shout (diary entry)

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Tuesday night’s second lesson saw my teacher consultancy continue from the dog fight position. Last week we looked at as a means for escaping a type of side control. This week we attacked the back and I chose a particularly no-gi style back mount position. This began with the threat to sweep from dog fight position. Here the opponent will block and the fighter can ascend the back.After getting one hook in we threated with another hook. Typically submission grapplers will defend against the second hook not just because it puts their opponent into a more formidable position but because they lose a lot of points. We use the threat as a feint as the fighter secures a rear half-guard position and balances his weight diagonally across the opponent’s body – half-guard on one side, head on the other. This is a great position for attacking with the rear naked choke, which is transitioned from the seatbelt hold established when the fighter first took the back.

Whilst we were looking at this rather unique back-mount variation I thought it was worth exploring Eddie Bravo’s Twister submission. This is a submission that requires a small transition from this type of back mount when the opponent ends up on their back. An example of this happening might come from the fighter attempting to throw and pin down the opponent on one side, attempting to trap him or her in a flattened half-guard. In this instance the fighter needs to time the counter by using the momentum to turn the opponent onto their back. From here they can reposition underneath and feed their head and arm under the opponent’s arm, encircling the top of the opponent’s head and finishing with a neck crank.

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