Turtle Submissions & Cuban Boxing (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2022-09-22 at 09.34.39 Screen Shot 2022-09-22 at 09.34.24 Screen Shot 2022-09-22 at 09.33.34Cat & Ollie rolling knee bar trainingIMG_1698 Cat & Ollie rolling knee bar trainingIMG_168921.09.2022

My junior lesson continued work on the turtle position whereas my session lesson was a boxing lesson looking at Cuban method influences.

After a warm-up my junior client first covered attacking the turtle. We looked at variations on attacking with the arm-bar. This was followed with defending from the turtle using knee bars. The session finished with 2 x 5 minute rounds of specific sparring from the turtle position, attack and defence.

The adult session brought together everything I have been covering that has been inspired by Cuban boxing. We began with pendulum footwork drills. I then re-introduced the V-step and the L-step. After this we went back through the slips. We then went back through the basic punches and the principles of pivoting out and in on the back-foot. This was followed with the catch and shoot, and catch and counter drills. The lesson finished with freestyle pad-work.


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