Turtle Knee Bar (diary)

new logo117.12.19

Tuesday night’s fifth hour of my client’s second course on Submission Grappling continued work on the back position – this time defending – and also went back over the omoplata.

We warmed up with ground callisthenics – Indian press-ups, horizontal squats, lizard press-ups, upas, snaking on the spot and sit-outs. Then we moved onto the turtle position. Previously we were focusing on the back mount. This time we looked at means for closing down this attack. From the turtle we looked at executing the rolling knee-bar. We also covered the toe-hold as a counter-move should the knee-bar fail.

My client requested that we go back over the omoplata shoulder lock from guard. We focused on angling off correctly, targeting the shoulder blade and properly engaging the core. This was done with both a kneeling and standing opponent. We also looked at the sweep, the wrist-lock and the toe-hold that can be used when performing this technique.

The lesson finished with specific sparring, attacking and defending from the guard and the turtle positions.

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