Triple C Fitness Training (diary entry)



Tonight began the first of two scheduled group lessons from my Triple C (Chimera Combat Conditioning) Fitness programme. My clients were a range of ages, experience and abilities. The session was fun with a mixture of basic techniques from Western Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and Submission Grappling. All callisthenic, dynamic stretching and mobility exercises were specific for these sports and their over-arching discipline of Mixed Martial Arts.

We began with some simple all over movement exercises to loosen up joints and prepare the muscles. Heart rate was gradually increased with some upper-body boxing movements. We began with the jab and the basic stance/footwork. First we through full range jabs with no power and this was followed up with sets of isolated speed punches, coming off the elbow joint. The same procedure was repeated with the cross and from both orthodox and southpaw stances. Next both punches were combined into the basic jab/cross.

Next we moved onto some footwork exercises. This consisted of straight line-work, forwards and backwards, and then moving around markers to create angles. Punching was then layered onto these exercises and they were trained using both orthodox and southpaw stances. Punching was then taken onto the focus mitts. Jab/cross was trained along with a low jab.

Before we moved onto kicking, we did a series of callisthenic exercises to overload the teep and the spear knee, both of which would be covered. The teep was trained with a squat and the knee with a lunge. They were then added into the basic jab/cross punching combinations.

Moving onto take-down defence, we covered the sprawl. This was first trained like a burpee. Next it was combined with the jab/cross and then with the spear-knee.

The lesson finished with two ground-fighting techniques. These were the sit-out, which was also performed as a callisthenic exercise, and the triangle choke, which was also performed as a callisthenic exercise. We concluded with some static stretching.

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