Triangular Entanglement (diary entry)



Tonight’s MMA training focused on some new leg triangle submissions for my client. These included three variations on the heel hook – a favourite a MMA submission, but banned in many submission grappling competitions – and the gogoplata (foot-choke).


We warmed up with some general mobility exercises and grappling-specific calisthenics before moving onto groundwork-specific muscle activation exercises. This moved onto looking at fighting from the top position. In the previous lesson we focused on defending from underneath against mount. This time we looked at using an attempt to pass guard to set up for a heel hook. The fighter feigns by pinning one leg before quickly switching to ensnare the opponent’s defending leg in a leg triangle. From here he puts on the heel hook. Next we looked at the heel hook whilst fighting from underneath. Here we attacked from a long range/open guard, hooking from under the leg and sweeping with the triangle. The attack resembled the way an omaplata (shoulder lock with the legs) is executed and it involves the exact same muscle activation. The section was finished with an inverted heel hook delivered after taking the back position from standing. It’s quite a complex technique and we will go over this one again in a later lesson.


Next we moved onto the gogoplata. This is a leg triangular ensnarement that places pressure on the throat. Its execution begins in a very similar fashion to the omaplate, but changes and finishes in a way that is similar to standard triangle choke. The defining factor in this submission is the placement of the foot, which presses its top part on the throat.


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