Triangle Threats & Z-Guard Elevation (diary entry)

triangle choke soloomoplata specific sparring28.04.2022

Wednesday night’s last two lessons were my junior MMA and senior Submission Grappling. Both were continuing themes covered over the previous weeks. My junior MMA focused specifically on using the closed guard and we had now moved into the basic submissions. My senior Submission Grappling moved from passing the Z-guard and knee-shield to attacking with the former again.

In the junior lesson we dealt with a striker defending against the arm-bar attack from closed guard with a triangle choke. Here the opponent has chosen to drive forward negating the typical arm-bar set-up whereby the fighter springs the triangle choke trap. Should the opponent free an arm to strike and present a more bladed seated stance, the fighter attacks with the omoplata setups for the shoulder lock, the toe-hold or the wrist-lock. This lesson finished with 2 x specific sparring from closed guard. Next time we will review the closed guard options again before progressing onto MMA guard passing.

The senior lesson dealt with the heel hook from a “floating” Z-guard. Here the fighter elevates the opponent with Z-guard, frames the upper body and hooks a knee. From here he moves into two types of heel hook execution. We only covered the first in this lesson as there was a fair amount of detail to cover during the entire setup. The first version trapped the opponent’s toes in the fighter’s armpit and the fighter gable-gripped the opponent’s heel to complete the submission.

The lesson finished with 3 x 5 minute rounds – 2 x specific sparring from Z-guard and 1 x free sparring starting from stand-up clinch.


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