Trapping & Transitioning (diary entry)

In-fighting attack614.06.18


Tonight, my client continued looking at dirty boxing and its relationship with MMA in its entirety. We warmed up with some mirror footwork and take-down entries. Then we trained transitioning between the clinch and stand-up ranges and back again. This brought us back onto the dirty boxing tactics of Duran, Frazier, Hearns, Foreman, Corbett and Johnson, which we revised along with Muay Thai set-ups for kicks. From here we began looking at using dirty boxing tactics to set-up take-downs.


Training then went to the ground, where we looked at various clearance tactics to strike when inside the guard and also to set up for passing the guard and getting submissions.


We did very little focus mitt work today, instead I used a type of dynamic training. This is a type of compliant sparring that allows one fight to get their training objectives with only a small amount of resistance but constant movement.

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