Transitioning with Kicks (diary entry)


Photo by Phil Shirley


Tonight’s lesson continued on our theme of transitioning, still focusing on transitioning from postures. We warmed up with my current regular partner-drills that build on MMA combinations. Each new element involves at least two new ranges. This was finished with a revision of ground transitioning from pins and guard-work.
We then got back to the main work in hand: going from the ground to stand-up. Our core attribute exercise for this is the deck squat. The entire movement required here works the appropriate muscle groups and force vectors for fast recovery from the ground. After looking at the form for this particular exercise both with and without weights, we began isolating the transitioning movements through combative postures. We discussed solo training tips to encourage stronger positioning and more fluid movement. This was then all drilled on the focus mitts.

Tonight we introduced kicks into the mix. We looked at their tactical application from each of the postures and then at how to use them to transition through the postures. This latter training not helps better time manage transitioning, but also is great for overloading the technique and strengthening the standing kick.

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