Transitioning in the Dirt (diary entry)

ground and pound 210.07.18
Tonight’s special double lesson reviewed dirty boxing tactics and transitioning. We worked all ranges – stand-up, clinch and ground.

Warm up
Ground mobility movements and specific exercises – snaking/shrimping, crawls, bridging and layering on combinations
Footwork exercises – v-step, forwards, backwards, lateral and blitzing with Boxing and Muay Thai combinations
Transitioning – All four postures – lying on back, seated, combat base and standing whilst using punching and kicking combinations

Bulling into inside punching, sweeps and kicks
Breakaways into trapping punching combinations
Punching with head leaning on a partner’s shoulder/roll to switch
Punching on the ground in the guard to pass and arm-triangle
Over-hook/shovel hook punch/overhand punch/spear knee/roll to switch to over-hook
Under-hooks/shovel hook punch/overhand punch/takedown
Pawing jab – set-ups and freestyle on the focus mitts
Circling jab – set-ups into the clinch
Slap-down parry – set-ups for rear-hand combinations

3 x 2 minute rounds – boxing on the outside
2 minute round – boxing in the clinch
2 x 2 minute rounds – kickboxing on the outside
2 minute round – Thai clinch

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