Transitioning from Stand-up to Clinch (diary entry)

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Having explored a classic opening move, the jab, and a classic finisher, the armbar, it was time to look what can happen in between. We focused on the transition from stand-up to clinch in our MMA session.

The class warmed-up with footwork drills and then onto some clinch positional work; this included neck-wrestling and pummelling before moving onto some basic “entry” drills. We looked at the arm-drag and arm-drag counters, and then arm-drag/double leg takedown combinations. Moving back to stand-up we trained the peek-a-boo tactic, made famous by Cus D’Amato, and its application against the jab. This was done with a simple timing drill. One student pumps constant jabs to another student’s head. The other student keeps the peek-a-boo guard and slips the punch to find an opening. The counter began as a smother and then as a clinch. This moved us onto the cover tactic – a very effective recovery method for both self defence and MMA. I used a self defence code white drill to get to the essence of the cover tactic.

Sparring then included rounds of kickboxing, clinching and clinching versus kickboxing.

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