Transition to Submission (diary entry)




The second lesson in a scheduled 10 hour course on submission grappling/ground fighting for martial arts cross training brought us up to the three hour mark. We revised all the pins taught in the previous lesson, refining movement and positioning to promote fluidity. After a series of top position exercises – bear crawls, lizard crawls, crab crawls, seal crawls and frog jumps – we went back through the pin transition drill covered in the previous lesson. This then allowed us to look into setting up three new submissions in addition to the previous lesson’s Americana arm-lock.


We first covered the arm-triangle from adjusted scarf-hold. This was applied both in transition from side-control and as a counter to an attempted escape from scarf-hold. Next we looked at the kimura, first by applying from a standing position and side control, and then from the north-south pin. Using the kimura arm-position we then looked at transitioning around the body and into an arm-bar.


The lesson finished with some specific sparring, focusing on retaining top position and attempting to execute submissions.

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