Training Attitude (diary entry)

soft skills presentation22.01.20


IMG_1029 (Web)With all the students back from their mock exams at Kingham Hill, my third lesson in their Self-Protection course focused primarily on soft skills and also setting the foundations for developing effective habits.


We made use of the facilities and I went through the early slides of my “When Parents Aren’t Around” presentation. This established the importance of placing more emphasis on soft skills than hard skills when it comes to self-protection, defining and agreeing upon the realities of violence versus idealised fantasy versions put out in fictional media, and the fundamental role of attitude. We made distinctions between consensual violence/match fighting and non-consensual violence/assaults and why this course deals only with the latter.


Attitude was then addressed through some hard skills activities. Pupils walked around the room, checking their posture and their gait. We worked on developing a switched on yet relaxed demeanour, confidence without arrogance. Then I layered natural striking, sprawling, knee strikes, agility training, serpentine running, covering and accessing exit points.


We then moved onto the build-up tig/tag/bulldogs game for teaching evasion and defeating target selection. This moved onto the Predator vs Prey game were extra elements were added involving more direct pressure-testing regarding preserving personal space, defence against being captured and understanding the bystander effect.

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