Training Around a Foot Injury (diary entry)


This morning we had a double session on the Triple C programme, focusing on working around injuries. My client has incurred a foot injury outside of training. However, the foundations of CCMA’s training philosophy have always been based on adaptability. Restriction is fertile ground for creativity and can also help reinforce basic principles. With my client needing to take pressure off his feet we focused on striking from restrictive positions and movements within postures (as opposed to transitioning through postures). From a conditioning perspective, this work is great for developing and focusing on the core muscles. I appreciate this has become an over-used word in fitness circles now, but here is very apt. The hinging force comes from the oblique and hip flexor muscles, and it is also important to engage the whole of the back and chest muscles. The exercises are all great ways to develop cardiovascular, lung, anaerobic and aerobic capacity without having to active use the legs.

We used self-defence as a structural starting point and I had my client deconstruct training the rear straight hand strike from sitting on a bench to lying on his back. The same was done with the hook. We looked at the variations on these strikes using elbows to the front and rear. This was done with single and multiple strikes and also in short combinations. We then trained agility drills using the seated and lying back postures. This was then coordinated with striking and then grappling.

The second lesson on this lesson report shows an example of another client who worked around an injury.

That Which Doesn’t Kill Us…

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